Sandal Ready Toes

Show off your Sandal Ready Toes

Your feet have been undercover for months. Let’s face it, during winter we all take a break on the foot care, but it’s time to whip them back into shape. The spring weather means your feet will be in strappy sandals in no time, so here are a few tips to prep your feet for warm weather.

Time for foot scrub

Grab a foot scrub and go to town. Set up a basin of warm water and soak your feet for about ten minutes to soften the skin. If you’re feet are really in rough shape, add a little milk to the water. Milk acts as an advanced softener. Apply the foot scrub to your feet by rubbing in a circular motion and then rinse. By using a foot scrub you’ll be getting rid of dry, calloused areas.

Use a pumice stone to attack your heels

Your heels are probably one of the worst looking spots on your foot, so use a pumice stone to work some of that dry skin off. By exfoliating the area, you’ll be reviving the skin and making it look fresh again.

Give the nails a trim

Now that the rough patches are taken care of, give your toenails a trim. By cutting them back you’ll promote new growth.

Come in for a pedicure

It’s time for the fun part – a pedicure. Swing by and get those toes ready for sandals. Pastel colors are hot right now, so a light purple or pink would be a great way to start off the season. Of course, if you’re not up for scrubbing and maintaining your feet before you head into the salon, our nail technicians are more than happy to do those services too.

Flaunt your flirty feet with these four fabulous tips. If you’re toes need some TLC ASAP, call us today at to schedule your appointment. Not only will you leave with super cute toes, but you’ll feel more relaxed and refreshed as well.

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