The Importance of Grooming & Relaxation for Dad

The Importance of Grooming & Relaxation for Dad

Think spas are strictly reserved for women? Think again. Research shows that more men visit spas today and are putting more effort into their appearance than ever before. And as a result, have become acclimated to this once-mysterious world of spa treatments and are having a growing influence over the services we now offer.

Father’s Day is a great reminder for dads to focus on self-care. Grooming and relaxation are essential for well-being, not just looking good. Here’s why they matter and some tips from your best day spa in Orlando to get started.

  1. Massages, whether it be deep tissue for relief of sore muscles or Swedish massage for relaxation, massages are always going to be a popular treatment for men as they have an obvious recognizable physical purpose in addition to health and wellness benefits due to high-stress lifestyles. As one of the finest day spa salons in Orlando, we provide a wide range of massage services that can cater for men according to their needs.
  2. Facial treatments, although once thought to be a woman’s preference, are highly recommended since most men are extremely neglectful of their skincare, not to mention hard on their face due to most shaving every day. We provide some of the most rejuvenating facial treatments in Orlando that give you the ultimate experience of relaxation and luxury at the same time.
  3. Laser hair removal treatment for men has become one of the most popular methods to remove body and facial hair for men. While you could shave, trim or wax, laser hair removal is the only way to get permanent results when grooming and managing body hair. Not only is laser hair removal affordable but also a fast and safe way to remove unwanted hair…. forever! Laser hair removal brings a whole new meaning to manscaping!!

Why Self-Care is Equally Important for Dads

  1. Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem: A well-groomed appearance can boost confidence in both personal and professional life. A dad who spends every day of the week hustling for his family deserves a smooth& relaxing day which also uplifts his confidence &self-esteem.
  2. Promotes Good Health: We all want our fathers to stay healthy keeping in mind his sacrifices and struggle for the family every day. Regular grooming sessions at your best day spa in OrlandoSanctuary Salon & Med Spahelp all our lovely dads prevent common skin issues like acne and ingrown hairs.
  3. Reduces Stress: We know in this bustling city life can be a little stressful. But don’t worry! Our facial treatments and body massages provide you with a perfect break from daily stress.
  4. Sets a Good Example: No doubt that dads are always their children’s first role models. To put this more as a positive example let us togetherprioritize self-care and help our children be aware of hygiene and self-respect.


Today’s modern man has nothing to fear and everything to gain from a spa visit. A good spa treatment will be a great way to say, “Happy Father’s Day”!

This Father’s Day, encourage these practices through thoughtful gifts, spa packages, or simply supporting their self-care time. Dads deserve to feel as great as they make their families feel every day.

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  • 50 Minute Swedish Massage guaranteed to relax the mind. body and soothe the soul.  It will improve circulation, lower your blood pressure, and relieve tension and muscle soreness. It relaxes your mind and soothes your soul.
  • 25 Minute Refreshing Facial – A great way to refresh and discover the true needs of your skin. Designed for all skin types.
  • Men’s Cut- our expert stylist will create a versatile hairstyle that will be conservative enough for work, or fun and casual for evenings and weekends and customized to enhance your facial features.


  • This includes a Men’s Specialty Facial. This therapeutic facial helps relieve razor burns, dry skin and irritation and is a Swedish Massage that will guarantee relaxation of mind.
  • Includes Free Eyebrow Threading

Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa would like to extend their heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the graduating classes of 2023 with these specials designed just for them!


  • Cleansing and Balancing Facial
  • 55 min Swedish massage
  • Sugar Slushie Body Scrub
  • Includes FREE eyebrow threading.


  • Includes 50 min Swedish Massage
  • 25-minute refreshing facial
  • Includes free eyebrow threading