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Spring: Nails that Blossom

As spring arrives you may have noticed your nails are in need of a little attention. Winter zaps moisture from your cuticles and leaves nails dry and brittle. With nice weather around the corner, it’s time to revive those nails. We’ve got some tips and tricks for you to get your nails back in tip-top shape. Plus, check out our list of hot nail colors for spring.

Use moisturizer on cuticles

Your cuticles can benefit from a little moisturizer, just as your hands do. When you’re applying hand cream, put a dab on each cuticle and work it in. When cuticles get dry they stick to the nail give your nail a crusty look. Eliminate this problem with a lotion containing vitamin E, or you can buy specific cuticle cream at most department stores for $15 or less.

Wear a protective layer of polish

A coat of polish is an easy way to spice up your look and adding a protective layer of polish has several benefits. For starters, adding a topcoat prevents the color from chipping, but many protective paints also have nutrients that make nails stronger. Look for a product that has “protective” in its name to get the best results.

Ditch the acetone-based remover

When it comes time to remove the paint from your nails, use a non-acetone based remover. Most products say