Spa Gifts

Spa Gifts for the Man in your LIfe

With the holidays just around the corner, why not give the man in your life something different? He deserves to relax and unwind, right? A spa treatment makes a great gift. It’s not just the metrosexual guys that are embracing the benefits that come with cosmetic treatments; even the rugged “guy’s-guy” sees the benefits of sports massages, facials and skin fitness therapies. Here’s a list of spa treatments that are in demand:

Sports Massages

For the man that hits the gym, plays racquetball or has a labor-intensive job, a sports massage is a great gift. These massages are geared toward aching backs, sore muscles and overall de-stressing. An hour-long session can wipe away the pain that comes with overworking the body.

Hot Stone Massage

Whether your man has a high stress job or does a lot of traveling, a hot stone massage is a great way to unwind. By using warmed stones, our therapist utilizes heat to relax the body. These smooth stones are placed down the spine to improve blood flow, while the therapist continues working tight areas in the back, arms and legs.

Foot Fitness

Let’s face it, every man’s feet can use a little attention. From rough looking toenails to dry, cracked heels, a little TLC in the foot department is a welcomed treat. A foot massage typically includes soaking tired feet in a hot water bath and a massage of aching arches. Toenails can be clipped and fixed in no time.

Manly Products

If you’re not sure which spa treatment your man would like most, how about getting him an assortment of products. Swing by and pick up a nice body scrub, foot cream and skin essentials. It’s a great way to introduce him to the pampering techniques that await him at future spa treatments.

If your man is a little skittish about heading to the spa alone, you can always book a day together. Come in for a couples massage or facial. Either way, a spa gift is all about relaxing and taking time out of busy schedules to unwind, which is why it makes an excellent holiday gift.