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Pareen’s Corner – Top 4 Things Clients Expect From Their Stylist


Customer experience is key to exceeding customers’ expectations.  At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa – a luxurious day spa in Orlando – our primary focus is to create a consistent client experience across all touchpoints and to make sure that we keep our promise of a positive experience and superior service.  Our goal is to create a map of our client’s journey.  A client’s journey map ensures that we have not missed out on a chance to interact with our clients at any stage and allows insight into where we can deliver more optimized and personalized guest experiences.


Clients want you to know their individual needs.  Our service providers at Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa – one of the top hair salons in Orlando – believe in providing a personalized style plan for each client that will help address specific needs and desires. We have the tools and knowledge that allow us to customize and personalize for each client at our fingertips and are committed to exceeding client expectations through consultation and personalization.  We may ask for pictures in order to understand your personal style goal and in turn make recommendations that may range from brow makeovers to a makeup transformation.  With your personalized style plan, you will leave Sanctuary – the best hair salon in Orlando – with hair that everyone wants!!


At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa – the best spa & salon in Orlando – we create long and lasting relationships with our clients with our superior services, warmth, hospitality and connection with our clients to ensure the creation of a state of beauty and wellness within. Transparency is part of this connection.  Transparency is imperative in order to meet client expectations from their hair salon and spa treatment and ultimately build trust between client and service provider.  At Sanctuary – the top hair salon in Orlando – we are committed to our clients to be the best we can be which includes being transparent as part of your consultation. Clients want recommendations, costs and timing and look forward to tailoring your services based on your budget, lifestyle and time restraints.  At Sanctuary Salon and Spa Orlando, we know that transparency is critical to client retention and personal success.

# 4    TIME

Time is regarded as a precious asset and one that clients will protect at all costs. This means that clients expect their service provider to be on time, do their services in a timely manner and devote this time to them only.  Simply stated, time and effort are a crucial part of the client experience at top hair salons in Orlando.

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