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Not everybody is created equal when it comes to haircuts. Even though a haircut may look attractive on someone else, it is not necessary that it will look good on you. Hair textures as well as the shape of your face are important considerations in choosing the right haircut.

The golden rule for haircuts is that they are primarily about shape and geometry. Haircuts need to minimize unpleasant attributes while enhancing the pleasant ones. Once that is ensured, the hairstyle can be augmented with texture and colors.


Even though an expert hairstylist at Sanctuary – one of the top hair salons in Orlando – will instinctively know what hairstyle would look great on you, it is important for you to understand the dynamics of hairstyles. This will help you understand what styles work best for you and those that don’t, and you will be able to better convey your desired look to your stylist.

At Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa – the best hair salon in Orlando – we have a team of expert hair stylists in Orlando Florida who can give the perfect haircut that accentuates your best features!

Different Haircuts for Different Face Shapes

Haircuts for Oval Face Shapes


The length of the face is greater than the width, with the forehead being the widest part. Most hairstyles work well with this face shape, though a blunt bob or shoulder-length hair with layers will look stunning!

Haircuts for Square Face Shapes


The length and width are nearly equal, with a strongly angled jaw, and a slight curve at the chin. Blunt bangs or short bobs can be implemented to accentuate the jawline. Soft, wispy bangs can be used to soften your look.

Haircuts for Round Face Shapes


The length and width are equal, with soft and rounded features. Pixie cuts, lob, short side bangs et al can help add angles to and lengthen your face.

Haircuts for Haert Face Shapes


Slim, pointed chin with a wide forehead, in the shape of an inverted triangle. This shape needs a hairstyle that balances or even accentuates the face. Lobs, long bobs, side-parted and pixie cuts are recommended.

Haircuts for Oblong Face Shapes


The width of the forehead, cheeks and jawline are nearly the same. The length is longer than the width. Long layered cuts with volume, blunt bangs, bobs and side swept bangs are ideal.

We have discussed the hairstyles that work best on the most common face shapes. Nonetheless, these are just the thumb rules and may not apply to everyone as everyone has different and distinctive features. Schedule an appointment with our professional hair stylists at Sanctuary – the best haircut salon in Orlando – for a free consultation.

Whether you are looking for a plain hairstyle or want a complete makeover, our hairstylists will give you the perfect look for your face shape and hair texture. Our team also advises you on the maintenance of your look – suggesting the right hair care products and styling tools. You can also get a number of hair treatments to keep your hair in the best of health. Reach out to us for styling services for weddings and other special occasions too.

Sanctuary – the top hair salon in Orlando – is the right choice for the most stylish haircuts and effective hair treatments, and offers the full spectrum of spa services to help you attain the hairstyle you yearn for.

In addition to haircuts and hair styling, we also offer:

blow dry bar salon in orlando

Blow Dry Bar 

Our blow dry bar for hair adds volume and shine to it. This service is best for when you are planning a date night or attending a grand event. Our blow drying service will ensure that you look your best and feel confident. Give your hair and confidence a boost with the Blow Dry Bar at Sanctuary – the best day spa in Orlando.

Hair color studio in orlando

Hair Coloring

If you have dreamed it, then we – the best hair color salon in Orlando – can achieve it – from subtle hair coloring to gray hair coverage to the most striking highlights and the newly trending Ombre and Balayage treatments. Our expert team of colorists – at the best hair color studio in Orlando – is highly experienced and specializes in the latest techniques and products that will get you the color and the look that you desire.

Perms and relaxer Salon in Orlando

Perms and Relaxers

Whether you are looking to get a body perm to add volume or a relaxer to reduce frizz and surplus curl, we have the service that is perfect for your hair. Our perms and relaxers are customized to suit all hair types and lifestyles and our services are performed by certified specialists.

Keratin Treatments in Orlando Florida

Keratin Treatment

At Sanctuary Salon & Spa Orlando, we use a keratin smoothing treatment – which is an advanced smoothening therapy that restores and restructures the hair; leading to vibrant, shiny, silky conditioned hair that is easier to manage, easy to style and humidity resistant. The final result will be hair that is frizz-free & shiny.

Olaplex treatments in Orlando florida

Olaplex Treatment

The Olaplex hair treatment multiplies bonds in order to make your hair stronger and healthier and makes hair color last longer and with more brilliance.

If your hair is damaged or you apply color to it regularly, the addition of Olaplex to your next service will help make your hair stronger, shinier, frizz-free and healthy.


Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa – the Award Winning Spa & Salon in Orlando – has an accomplished and professional team of expert stylists. Schedule a consultation to experience our ambience and find the perfect hairstyle for your beauty needs!

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