Melt Into That Massage Table

Melt into that Massage Table

Whether you have muscle tension in your head, neck, back, legs or feet, a deep muscle massage can work the knots out and give you relief from the pain that keeps you from performing at your best. Let our massage therapist guide you through a typical deep muscle massage.

First, choose your favorite scented warm oil. All are nice emollients useful for letting the therapist’s hands glide over your skin while leaving a clean, refreshing fragrance. To keep you warm, and comfortable, the therapist will cover your body with a light blanket, except for the part being worked on. Tell your therapist where your aches are. Do your carry stress in your shoulders, back, head, or feet? All of the above, you say? That’s an easy fix!

We’ll start with you lying on your tummy as one of our therapist massage your scalp. So much tension hides out in the head and neck area. It’s important to take time to work across the top of your head, starting at the hairline and working around the ears toward the neck. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or want the therapist to stop, just say “stop” and it will be so. Otherwise, enjoy the massage and let the tension drift away.

At the base of the neck you will notice your therapist’s fingers find the beginning of your vertebrae. The vertebrae responds well to gentle kneading. Each disc will be worked all the way down your spine. Once at the bottom the therapist may press an elbow into one side of the vertebrae and run it all the way up to your neck.

Doing this elbow treatment on both sides of your spine should leave you feeling invigorated. After that delicious experience, each rib will have gentle pressure applied and hidden stress will be removed. Moving downward to the buttocks and legs, the therapist’s fingers and knuckles will knead deep to find the knots on the muscles that cause tension and pain.

You carry all of your weight on your feet so they require special treatment. It’s necessary to start to work one foot, then the other, with firm, gentle strokes, rubbing them with precision on the top and the bottom at the same time until they are flexible and relaxed. By concentrating on certain areas of the foot with thumbs and fingers tension will release from several areas all over your body.

Then, you will carefully turn your body over and let your therapist rearrange your blanket over you for comfort. Your therapist will lift one arm and then one leg at a time from under the blanket, so she can massage your muscles. Moving to your other side, your therapist will finish the session with the other arm and leg. The time will fly by. When finished, your therapist will quietly leave the room and you may rest a few more minutes, before getting up and getting dressed.

Massage is a useful tool for managing tension and pain, but in order to achieve good results, it must be done by a skilled, trained therapist. We’ve got you covered and our professionals are ready to pamper you into relaxation. Call us at to schedule your appointment today.