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Look Good, Feel Good

We have all experienced the awful feeling we get when we have a bad hair day. Teenagers also get despondent when they cannot control acne outbursts. Many of us also feel down because we can no longer fit into our clothes.

These unwelcome changes that your body undergoes can make you feel quite miserable. This exemplifies the clear connection between feeling good and looking good. Your look can have a significant impact on your mental health and make you feel confident and powerful or downright ugly and unhappy.

The undeniable truth is that you will feel better if you’re confident about your general appearance. True, ideals of beauty are skin-deep and the result of good genes, but self-love and self-care are more integral to your mental health and outward appearance.

The connection between self-care and feeling good

Self-care regimens like skincare, exercise and eating well can help you feel healthy and elated. You always have that gratifying feeling as you exuberate the confidence you gain when you feel good about yourself and how you look.

Self-care should not be mistaken for vanity; its purpose is to find the ideal balance between inner and outer beauty. This is also why counsellors and therapists recommend taking care of or pampering oneself in order to feel great physically, mentally and emotionally.

Self-care regimens are integral to making you feel ecstatic about yourself. Basic things like getting a facial, getting your hair or nails done, or exercising can make you feel positive, look good, and exude confidence.

Finding the balance between Inner and Outer Beauty

The best way to go about self-care is to find a sense of balance between inner and outer beauty. In addition to improving your physical appearance, you need to find the right method of developing your personality, character and mind.

Finding this sensitive balance will patently manifest in your physical appearance. You shouldn’t put all your energy into looking attractive all the time, you need to engage in self-improvement and how you interact with others as well. Regardless of how good you look, you still need to find what truly makes you happy.

Sure, your self-care regimens can help you look your best and feel wonderful, but no matter how many beauty products you use, no matter how expensive your outfit is, you still need to develop peace of mind and stable mental health to be truly happy and attractive.

Feeling good also extends to how you deal with others. You feel better when you acknowledge your worth and do not tolerate disrespect. Feeling good about yourself gives you the impetus to care for your body, appearance and mental health.

Listening to the needs of your body can effectively enhance your outward appearance and general attractiveness. Do not engage in any self-care, exercise, or spa treatments because other people said to or to attain the standards of society. Do it because you want to be a better, healthier person, develop confidence, and take care of yourself.

Look Good, Feel Good

The look good, feel good connection goes both ways. Looking good will make you feel good while feeling good will radiate in your natural beauty. These go hand in hand.

Regardless of your age, your gender or your marital status, looking attractive and feeling positive will always benefit you. This might sound shallow, but confident people are generally more good-looking and good-looking people tend to be more confident. And this isn’t about some societal ideal of good looks, but more about accepting your flaws, appreciating your strengths and augmenting your natural beauty with self-care and visits to the Spa/Salon of your choice.

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