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Top Shelf – Giving Men the Spa Experience

Think a visit to Sanctuary – the best day spa in Orlando – is strictly reserved for women?  Think again.  Men today are choosing hair salon and spa treatments more than ever before resulting in having a growing influence over the services now being offered by Sanctuary Salon and Spa Orlando!

The massage is by far the most requested service by male clients who are looking for relaxation at a massage spa in Orlando. Primary goal…stress relief!  But move over ladies, Spas are quickly becoming a “guy thing” and are caring more about their skin and are not afraid to care about their looks.

Today’s men have nothing to fear and everything to gain from a spa visit!

From Massages, Facials, Hair color and styles, Manicures and Pedicures and Laser Hair Removal … MALE GROOMING IS BOOMING AT SANCTUARY – the best men’s salon in Orlando!

Some of the most popular men’s spa treatments at Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa are:

Men’s Tension Relief massages: Massages are always going to be a popular treatment for men as they have an obvious recognizable physical purpose in addition to health and wellness benefits due to high-stress lifestyles. A great massage can get to the root of any problems and leave you feeling “back in control” of your own body.

Men’s Facials: Facial spa treatments of any kind are highly recommended since most men are extremely hard on their faces with shaving! We find that men, in general, prefer simple skincare routines to more complex, time-consuming methods. And because men tend to use fewer products such as moisturizers on a daily basis, the effects of thorough skincare and facial treatment can be surprisingly dramatic for them.

Men’s Manicure & Pedicures: For men, the wild world of manis and pedis can be an incredibly scary place and since many men do not know how (or just don’t) moisturize and trim their cuticles and nails – it makes sense for men to look to the pros of taking care of their hands and feet. Manicures and pedicures are actually a great way to keep your hands and feet happy and healthy. Taking an hour or so to get a manicure and pedicure at the best salon for manicure and pedicure can give a man some downtime to relax and unwind from his hectic lifestyle.

Men’s Laser Hair RemovalLaser hair removal is the second-most popular, non-invasive procedure for men after Botox.   Men often have excess hair on their back, chest, stomach, or elsewhere that makes them uncomfortable or self-conscious.  We understand that men have different goals from laser treatment for hair removal than women and also take into account that men’s hair follicles are often thicker than women’s hair follicles. We can create a customized laser hair removal treatment to meet your individual aesthetic needs. 

Men’s Color and Style:  Whether men are coloring their hair to help redefine themselves, cover up a few gray strands or just want to shake things up with a bold new hue, choosing the right men’s hair color is key to crafting your perfect look.  The best men’s hair products are designed to address their specific needs. For hair colour style, this means- easy application, fast processing time, and natural results.  At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa – the best hair color salon in Orlando – we have the perfect solution with our Color 10 color system.  Not only does it deliver beautiful color results, perfect coverage and outstanding care, but does it in just 10 minutes of processing time.  Ideal for our busy men clients who shouldn’t have to compromise on style because of a busy life. Now you can get your color done before work, during your lunch hour or at the end of a busy day.

Men are putting more effort into their appearance than ever before. Many hit the gym; others treat themselves with spa treatments in Orlando Florida for the sake of improving their physical, mental and spiritual health. Whatever the reason may be, the human body possesses amazing healing powers, and the greatest way to experience these energies is by allowing it to rest and work its magic. While many men are happy sticking to a basic body massage therapy, a lot of men want the ultimate spa skin treatments experience and as a result, additional body treatments like the best spa massage in Orlando and spa packages are a great idea. Give us a call! It would be our pleasure to assist you in scheduling spa treatments in Orlando at Sanctuary – the Award Winning spa & salon in Orlando – for the man in your life.