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Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting at Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa

Many of us have the desire for a hair salon and spa treatment in orlando that will give us dark, full eyelashes and eyebrows which will make us look spry and attractive. It is much tougher for women with lighter hair to make their eyebrows and eyelashes look darker as even dark hair gets lightened in the sun. A visit to Sanctuary – the best spa & salon in Orlando – can help them with this.

A lot of women tend to wear makeup on a daily basis to get the well-defined look they desire. But the application and removal of makeup every day is a time-consuming process and doesn’t always give the results hoped for.

The simple solution is eyebrow and eyelash tinting from a beauty salon in Orlando.

How is eyebrow/eyelash tinting done?

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting at a hair color studio in Orlando is a wholly painless process in which a semi-permanent tint is applied to enhance and define your eyebrows and lashes. This should ideally be done at a reputed salon such as Sanctuary Salon and Spa Orlando by experienced professionals.

Generally, the process starts with a consultation with the specialists at a hair color studio in Orlando to discuss the look you want to achieve and decide the best dye for you. The professional at Sanctuary – a luxurious hair salon in Orlando – helps you in choosing the perfect color that best accents your hair, eyes and face.

Before carrying out the whole process at a Top hair salon in Orlando, a patch test is done on your inner arm to confirm that the tint doesn’t cause a rash or inflammation. When carrying out the eyebrow tinting process, cotton pads are placed on your eyelids and cream is applied around the brows to prevent accidental skin stains. The tint is mixed and correctly applied and then left on for a few minutes to achieve the desired color.

In the case of eyelashes, the tint is applied to the length of each individual eyelash, then left to work while the client keeps their eyes closed. After a wait of 15-20 minutes, you end up with noticeably different, darker eyelashes!

Advantages of eyebrow and eyelash tinting

  • Gives you bolder, natural-looking eyebrows
  • Makes your eyelashes look thicker, darker and longer
  • Dispenses with the need for eyebrow pencil and mascara
  • Saves you the time spent applying makeup in the morning
  • Looks great in any weather condition
  • Ideal for women who are not keen on cosmetics or mascara
  • Suits women who lead an active lifestyle, play sports etc
  • No risk of smudging if you get wet or rub your eyes
  • Takes only 15-20 minutes and lasts around 6 weeks


Undergoing eyebrow and eyelash tinting at Sanctuary – one of the top hair salons Orlando – gives you a bolder, wide-eyed look for a reasonable price and little upkeep.

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, you will be able to say goodbye to humdrum makeup routines, smudgy eyes, and even eyelash loss caused by bad mascara. Tinting also ameliorates the risk of eye infections.

Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa – the best salon for hair color – offers this procedure (among others like Eyebrow threading, threading hair removal and eyelash extensions Orlando) at a very reasonable price. More significantly, this procedure is carried out by Sanctuary’s experienced professionals who diligently check for allergic reactions and implement the process meticulously with the best hygiene and attention to detail. As the Award Winning Hair Salon and Med Spa in Orlando, Sanctuary is renowned and trusted for its services, therapies, and products that help you look and feel your best.

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