Laser hair removal in orlando

Laser Sharp Hair Removal at Sanctuary

A lot of people have to deal with unwanted body hair. Conventional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, tweezing etc are considerably time and effort-consuming tasks. They need to be repeated frequently and can be quite painful.

The popularity of laser hair removal is on the rise every day and is now one of the most widely practised cosmetic procedures. The laser hair removal technique utilizes a condensed beam of light that impairs or destroys the hair follicle by zeroing in on the pigment of the hair being removed. The hair follicle sustains minimal damage during this treatment. At least two to three sessions are required to get rid of hair and inhibit its regrowth.

This treatment can be carried out on legs, armpits, upper lips, chin etc. The colour of the skin and hair determines the effectiveness of the laser hair removal treatment. This treatment is usually most effective when there is greater contrast between the colours of the hair and skin. This implies that the treatment works best with darker coloured hair and lighter skin colour. This treatment is not as effective for blonde or white hair.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser treatment for hair removal at a Med Spa in Orlando is believed to be safe for most people. This process has negligible side effects and the procedure is generally painless. Sensitive areas like the underarms might suffer a little discomfort, but there shouldn’t be too much pain and there is minimal post-procedure care.

Still have doubts about the safety of this procedure? Consult a professional who will be able to clear your worries, answer any questions, and explain the treatment extensively.

Will it work on my skin?

Different skin types require different types of lasers. You should visit a professional establishment like Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa – a luxurious day spa in Orlando – where trained technicians will comprehensively evaluate your skin type, conduct a patch test, and deliver the optimal solution.

How many sessions are needed?

Effective laser hair removal in Orlando, Florida usually requires 6-10 sessions in the beginning. You will also need top-up sessions to sustain the results. The initial course can reduce 80-85% of the hair in most people. The 15-20% of hair that remains will be of a lighter colour and will need to be maintained. Numerous factors such as hair colour, hair density, skin colour et al determine the effectiveness of this procedure.

Any preparations before the procedure?

You might need to make some preparations before your laser session:

  • Avoid exposure to ultraviolet light 7 days before the procedure
  • If you are tanned or sunburnt, wait for 2 weeks before undergoing the procedure
  • Avoid waxing/threading/tweezing at least 4 weeks before
  • Avoid using tanning products 7 days before
  • Do not apply makeup, deodorant or lotion on the day of the procedure
  • Keep the area shaved before the procedure

Are there any post-procedure precautions?

Your skin will probably be sensitive after undergoing laser treatment for hair removal. We suggest some skin care tips after the procedure:

  • Wear soft and loose clothing
  • Avoid going in the sun
  • Apply the post-procedure cream as per instructions
  • Avoid hot showers

Is there an ideal time to undergo laser hair removal?

Hair-removal treatments are usually undergone in the summer when people wear lighter clothes and their arms and legs are showing. In fact, the winter months are the best time to start laser hair removal treatments.

The laser hair removal process takes between two to six sessions, ergo, starting this treatment in the winter will lead to smooth, hair-free underarms, legs et al by the time the spring and summer arrive!


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