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How to feel confident in your own Skin

Though we may not realize it, confidence is a key aspect of beauty. How so? People tend to not notice imperfections when someone is confident about themselves.

It’s a fact that we all have insecurities but there are simple measures we can take to catalyze the acceptance of ourselves and own them.

Having confidence in yourself is not easy, but it is something that you can learn. Our perception of ourselves can be greatly influenced by the opinions of others, what we see and read online and society’s understanding of what’s beautiful.

The reality is that confidence comes from within. If you can practice being kinder to yourself and epitomize your own version of beauty, you will be much happier.

An important lesson is to learn to accept what can be changed about yourself, and what cannot. Hairstyles, hair colour and weight can be changed, but the shape of your legs or your height cannot. If you can make this differentiation, it will help you accept yourself.

There are a number of insecurities that many people may struggle with. Nonetheless, there are some simple changes that can help you gain confidence in your external appearance which will help you feel more positive on the inside too.

Some facets that people tend to be insecure about are:


Is your hair not the way you pictured it? You might yearn to have the luscious locks that are plastered all over social media, but most of that is the result of hair extensions, hair dye and a whole lot of hairstyling. Rather, it is imperative that you find out how to best treat your own hair type and focus on having a healthy scalp and hair.

Even the playful experimentation with different hairstyles that suit your hair type and face shape will also help you accept yourself and gain confidence.

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Not everyone is a fan of their facial features. The right way to go about this is to stop focusing on the aspects you don’t like and appreciate what you like and accentuate those features.

You can emphasize your preferred facial features with light make-up or by wearing accessories that highlight them – such as spectacles that draw focus to your eyes, or a necklace or chain that draws focus away from your forehead.

Sanctuary – the best beauty salon in Orlando – can help you highlight your strong features and play down your weaker ones.


Not everyone has great skin – if you struggle with acne, scars or birthmarks, it is important to remember that our outward appearances don’t define who we are. We are more than what our skin looks like. You also need to remember that your skin is constantly changing and can be enhanced – acne can be treated with medication and spa treatments, scars will fade over time, and your birthmarks make you unique.

We know that the skin is our largest organ, and taking care of it ensures its good health which can boost your confidence about how it looks in addition to being mentally beneficial too.

Apply sunscreen when in the sun, use products suited to your skin type, moisturize regularly and find the ideal spa for your skin treatment procedures to have the best skin possible.

Sanctuary Salon in Orlando is one such spa which offers a wide range of skin treatments and procedures.


Do you ever feel down because you think your ankles are too skinny or your arms are too big? Rather than focusing on what a “perfect” body “should” look like, remember all that your body is capable of. If you are able-bodied and can walk, dance, swim and carry items etc, then you must feel privileged as not everybody is that lucky.

The way you frame your fitness goals can also help too. Just setting goals of losing weight or getting muscular is not enough. You must also decide to be healthier and take small steps to imbue these changes into your life.

Another way to deal with a negative body image is to dress for the body you have. Avoid wearing clothes that are too small or tight or that hide your shape and choose outfits that make the most of your figure. When you wear clothes that flatter your body, you tend to walk taller and with more confidence.


Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin and it doesn’t mean you need to be perfect to feel so. An elegant person embraces his or her own beauty.
We need to understand that everybody has some features that make them stand out and be unique – even when it is not obvious at first glance. When you learn to love and appreciate your appearance, you will see yourself as someone who deserves the best things in life!