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How To Pick the Right Salon In Orlando

Whether you have moved to a new city or your favorite salon has closed its doors, finding a new salon can be stressful. We have all faced this at one time or another and everyone knows it takes time and effort, so here are a few suggestions to find the best salon on Orlando so you can build relationships and enjoy services for many years to come.

To find a great, “perfect fit” salon, word of mouth is always a great way to start. Ask your friends, neighbors and co-workers, especially if they have a salon they love. Ask them why they like the salon. Another great resource is to check the reviews of the prospective salons on review websites or the social media networks.

Check out the salon in person and ask for a tour:

For convenience, decide on a full-service salon and spa. This will take care of all your beauty treatments under one roof. Call the salon to see if the front desk is professional & courteous. Do they value their customers. How do they accommodate you when your stylist or therapist is not available? Team-based, full-service salons will go above and beyond to accommodate their loyal clients by providing you with another suitable stylists. A premier salon and spa should store all client formulas in their computer system so the client is not stranded when the regular service provider is unavailable. This is very important

Check out the experience and education background of the stylists & Estheticians. Educated professionals take pride in their work and are definitely more skilled in keeping you looking updated & youthful according to your needs.

It is very important to make sure that your salon only carries professional quality products and not the products diverted by less reputable salons which anyone can buy at local stores.


There should be no compromise on the cleanliness and hygiene. Standards of the Salon & Spa. You are dealing with your skin and hair. Cleanliness and hygiene cannot be ignored.

Book a consultation:

All the best salons offer complimentary consultations. This is your opportunity to scope out your future salon and your hairstylist or spa service provider. Take tour of the salon spa, checkout their menu, and the specials they offer. Observe staff interaction with other clients.

Stylists are very visual so take pictures of the style & color you have in mind.

Be open minded. Ask questions to the stylist if she or he is experienced with your texture hair. Discuss any special needs you have. This way you will also know if the service provider is good match for your needs. You can also book a small service or a blow dry to experience their work.

Choosing a full service salon is very beneficial and less stressful as you can get multiple services done for yourself and your family members.

Pricing is important but keep in mind you cannot pick a good salon by keeping low prices in mind. If the salon prices are low then they are compromising either in product, service or staff education. Always focus on the value & not the price. Value = quality +service + price. In the long run you will be happy.