Tips for Pampering Your Toes to Look Good In Summer Footwear

Tips For Pampering Your Toes To Look Good In Summer Footwear

Summertime is the time for sandals, flip flops and open toes shoes. Which means our toes are exposed! Because our hands are always on display, we seem to treat ourselves to manicures, nail art and fancy lotions and creams.

It’s easy to neglect our feet! Here are some important tips when going to the Salon to get your toes pampered. The three main things to look for are: Make sure your nail tech has their license displayed! Simple enough! Are instruments sanitized between clients (good) or are the sterilized between clients (better)! Make sure all disposable tools like nail files, foot files, buffers and toe separators thrown away after each use.

Foot baths come in all forms. They can be jetted whirlpools, foot bowls lined with disposable liners or individual soaking bowls. If they are using a jetted whirlpool foot bath it should be drained and cleaned after each client. If they are using a liner, a new liner should be used each time.

Finally, do not shave your legs before a pedicure. Open nicks and cuts could increase the chance of a possible infection. Opt for a salt scrub rubdown on your legs and feet and you will get a closer shave after your pedicure. Finally, go bold.

Its summertime! Pick a bright color polish for your toes and everyone will notice your beautifully pampered toes.