Best Eyebrow Threading in Orlando, Fl

What language do your eyebrows speak?

Don’t take your eyebrows for granted.

Are you aware that your eyebrows can be a silent lie detector? Unconsciously your eyebrows express different emotions like happiness, sadness surprise & fearfulness.

Sometimes you may try to hide your true feelings but your are you aware that your eyebrows can become a silent lie detector?

Well groomed eyebrows can add a lot to your facial features.

An eyebrow designer can really help & change how you look by just changing the eyebrow shape. Many of us pick the tweezers on a daily basis to pluck eyebrow hair without giving much thought. Some of us do everything from tweezeing ,tinting , lightening ,trimming ,filling with makeup to get the right look & expression.

Your eyes are like your expensive artwork & your eyebrows are like a picture frame. The picture frame should always complement the artwork never takeaway from it.

Look for an eyebrow designer who just doesn’t remove the hair but enhances your overall facial features.

Waxing, threading, and tweezing are all very popular but threading eyebrows will be more precise, will last longer and grows softer. Shaping eyebrows seems very easy but in fact it is quite tricky so let a good brow designer guide you. Feel free to make an appointment for free consultation with Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa to see what we can do for your brows.

Here are few examples of before & after of eyebrow grooming.

Customized Lash and Brow

Pareen Merchant Cosmetologist