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It’s difficult when a client questions our advice and training; after all… they are seeking our professional help for a reason.

We consider box color to be “one size fits all”. Box color is made so that it can be used on a wide range of hair types and shades with no guarantee. This means that each person who uses the color will be using the exact same volume of developer (the stuff that actually makes your hair change color). Box color generally has about 12% or higher and stylist use many factors when deciding how much developer to use. When thinking of hair health, less developer = healthier hair. That means, if a stylist can use a lower volume developer they will.

Do you believe one size fits all pants? Certainly not! And the same applies to box color. Hair color should be customized for each person. Everyone is unique, here are the main factors considered when customizing hair color:

  • Natural level and underlying pigment
  • Previous artificial pigment (previously colored hair)
  • Ski n tone
  • Level of porosity
  • Percentage of gray

The next big thing to consider is damage. Box color can kill your hair cuticle. The high amount of ammonia damages the mid shaft of the hair causing the ends of the hair to shrivel up and will continue to get worse with each box color, leading to an unwanted haircut. The solution? Cut them off and never use box color again!

For the clients who like to switch back and forth between box color and professional (or better known as “two-timing”) you have to consider what you are doing to your hair and stop! Since box color varies so much from professional color, it is impossible for stylist to predict what will happen when using professional color on top of box color. The chemical in each do not mix and the outcome isn’t pretty!

Finally, let’s talk about cost. It may be affordable now (box color) but not for long! Each time you box color your hair it is damaged. Let’s say you put box color on your hair and it doesn’t come out as expected, which is usually the case and means an emergency trip to the salon for corrective color services. That $8 box color has now ended up costing you a lot more than you expected. As previously stated, box color is so different than professional color; you cannot predict what will happen. It’s going to be a process and you need to be patient. So not only is box color worse economically in the long run, but it is also costing you a bunch of time.

At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa our top hair colorist specialize in the latest techniques using the most professional hair color giving high definition and true color. You dream it, we can achieve it. From subtle color to gray coverage to the most dimensional highlights! Professional color rules! And it always will!

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