Blonde Hair Treatment Orlando Fl

Finally Blonde!

If you have changed to a blonde recently, you will want this exhilarating feeling forever. At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa, a popular hair color studio in Orlando, the team of color experts will provide you with the blonde hair care skills and proper home care products that will keep you enjoying your life as a blonde for a long time.

Blonde hair, whether it is a gift of nature or the result of color treatments, needs more care than darker shades of hair and requires a specific maintenance routine. From keeping the color from turning brassy, making sure your ends don’t get dried out and protecting your hair from UV rays, there are some very important things to take into consideration when you’re a blonde.

To help care for your hair and keep it as gorgeous as possible, we’ve put together some of our best tips for caring for your blonde tresses.

First, ask for a Bonding Treatment. Always on top of the latest and greatest, the professional team of colorists at Sanctuary did in-depth research and exclusively uses Olaplex. Why Olaplex?
Olaplex multiplies bonds making hair stronger, healthier, while making color last longer with more vibrancy. Whenever you do chemical treatments on hair, the hair breaks bonds. Olaplex reconnects these bonds leaving your hair softer, shinier, easier to manage with less frizz for weeks.

Keep it hydrated. Striving to achieve that perfect shade of blonde can be a very harsh process that can strip the hair of many oils and nutrients, possibly leaving us with dry and brittle hair. Processed hair needs a lot of TLC, especially when restoring the damage done. We recommend investing in a good leave-in conditioner and/or a deep repair mask. Deep conditioning treatments are vital for color treated hair, and are a great way to help prevent breakage for at-home care.

Protect it from heat! The less styling the better! Adding an excessive amount of heat styling to your hair, on top of the chemical process, can really damage and dull your shine. It is always a good idea to give your hair a little vacation from heat styling but if you are addicted to heat (like many of us are) be sure to use a heat protecting spray while styling your hair.

Keep it out of the sun! Overexposure to the sun is not only damaging to your skin, but also for your blonde hair. Harmful UV rays can dry out your hair and turn your beautiful shade of blonde a brassy orange. Wear a hat when you know you are going to spend the day in the sun.

Make your color last. We recommend investing in purple shampoo. This specially formulated shampoo is a great way to combat brassy tones. Purple pigments within the shampoo are absorbed by your hair follicle, and cancels out any warm yellow tones within your hair.

Get regular trims. The more your hair has been bleached, the more prone it is to breakage. This will keep away the dead ends and your hair will continue to grow.

Last Trust your stylist! At the best hair salon in Orlando, Pareen and her team of professionals, specialize in every shade of blonde using all techniques, including highlights, balayage, hair painting, ombre’, color melts, natural sunkissed, grey blending and color corrections. Their vast knowledge of specialized techniques of pigments and color placement offer a unique range that can be tailored to any individual wishes while maintaining superior blonde hair quality, even in the most demanding of situations.