Enzyme Peel & Chemical Peel Treatment Orlando Fl

What’s the difference between an Enzyme Peel and a Chemical Peel?

There’s a big difference!

Both are important and have their rightful place in the world of skin rejuvenation. The enzyme peel is made from fruit enzymes. It both nourishes and sloughs off dead skin cells, creating the perfect ph balance for your skin.

It also fights free radical damages, which causes premature aging, by removing the top layer of skin and exposing newer skin. Gentle and effective, even sensitive skin types can benefit from it.

We love enzyme peels because the result is immediate. It helps to:

  • Control acne, shrink pores and remove blackheads
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles, as well as scars
  • Age spots and redness both fade, resulting in radiant and glowing skin.

We recommend an enzyme peel to accelerate the natural exfoliation process to keep your skin looking fresh. It’s great for anti-aging purposes, acne, and both oily and dry skin. Stay faithful to your exfoliation at home and you will see benefits from your enzyme peel for a much longer period of time.

Chemical peels, on the other hand, are made from various fruit acids. They too, fight free radical damage. However, chemical peels give you deeper exfoliation and may require a little downtime. This treatment is for those with:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation and acne scars
  • Large pores
  • Sagging skin

After a chemical peel, it is important that you use an intense moisturizer and sunscreen recommended for both an enzyme and chemical peel.

Once the chemical peel is complete, you will see glowing skin with diminished lines and wrinkles. Sagging skin and age spots will improve, pores will begin to appear smaller.

So which treatment is right for you? Call Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa and schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our highly trained aestheticians. Sanctuary is the luxurious day spa offering expert facial treatment in Orlando, Florida. We will guide you every step of the way of your treatment plan. Keep in mind, for optimum results, a series of treatments repeated between 4-6 weeks is recommended. And did you know peels can also be done on the neck, chest, hands, elbows, feet and knees!