Celebrate Love

Celebrate Love!

Here’s a big question: Why do we spend 364 days out of the year racing through life, sprinting to the next appointment on our schedule, throwing fast food at our kids as we speed to their after-school activities, and waving to one another like ships passing in the night, until this one day, Valentine’s Day, when we intentionally set aside time to be with, and purchase gifts for, the people we love?

Yes, it’s great to have one day a year set aside to celebrate love, and to do something special for the people we cherish the most, but why should we wait for that one “special” day to show someone we care? In other words, shouldn’t every day be special?

If you are going to be intentionally affectionate and loving on one day, shouldn’t you be intentionally loving and affectionate all the others?

Now obviously flowers and candy everyday of the week maybe not. But showing love and appreciation to that special someone more often than just Valentine’s Day definitely!

Often couples are too busy dealing with life such tasks revolving around finances, jobs and children, make us too busy to make time for one another. Embrace and celebrate love! Choose love all year long! Love the ones in your life! Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show each other how much your care.

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