Footlogix Pedicures

Footlogix Pedicures

Footlogix is the world’s first and only PEDICEUTICAL® Mousse Foot Care line made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. The Footlogix unique, groundbreaking Dermal Infusion Technology®, along with its scientific formulation, enables active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into troubled skin of the feet. With results seen in a mere few days, from eliminating simple dryness to addressing more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes, Footlogix has been clinically proven to perform.

Trusted by millions of feet in over 30 countries, Footlogix Pediceuticals® have provided the healing solutions demanded by renowned professionals and their clients around the globe!
How does Footlogix work?

  1. It provides a two dimensional delivery system through soothing, airy mousse formula that mimic the skins own composition.
  2. Infuses essential moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients for immediate absorption deep into the top layers of the skin.
  3. Revolutionary technology delivers effective results, without leaving a greasy outer layer, allowing the skin to function normally.
  4. Increases elasticity, enabling the skin to become healthy in order to perform its true function of protection.

At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spawe have the Footlogix foot-care solution for all your pedicure and manicure needs.

Whether you need a lightweight creamy mousse like Footlogixs DD Cream which is a light weight hydrating creamy mouse that locks moisture into the skin with each application or the

Daily Maintenance Formula for normal to dry skin effective as a daily moisturizer to help maintain healthy feet. If you have very dry skin you may want to try the Very Dry Skin Formula that is highly recommended for diabetics. And for extremely callused, thick, cracked skin we recommend Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula for those who need a little something extra.

Whatever your needs are it has become apparent that manicures and pedicures have become a lifestyle; it’s not something that’s just a special occasion anymore. Be it young professionals cleaning up to look great, the healthy elderly keeping themselves in top condition, or men embracing new grooming services, the foot care industry is growing at unprecedented levels. We at Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa set the industry standards by using Footlogix professional products exclusively.

The results speak for themselves!