Massage, Do We All Need One

Massage, Do we all need one

If you’re routinely feeling tired even though you sleep well, but struggle to get out of bed in the morning, feel overwhelmed and exhausted, depend on coffee and soda to get you going, you may have adrenal fatigue.

Perched on top of your kidneys, adrenals have a very tough job in today’s world. As your body’s stress combat soldiers, they release the stress hormone cortisol, as ammunition to fight off the attack.

The consequence of continuously releasing cortisol into your bloodstream causes abdominal weight gain and adrenal fatigue, to name only two health conditions.

In today’s world, your adrenals simply don’t have enough ammunition. They were designed for short periods of stress like running out of a burning building or fighting off a predator.

But in a world where you feel constant pressure with daily demands, the adrenals ability to protect you is limited. It’s like having a handsaw to cut down a tree!

Dealing with adrenal fatigue requires you to reset your lifestyle button. As part of your recovery, include the proven therapy of massage. Massage restores balance to an ailing system, reducing the production of cortisol.

Massage releases chronically tight muscles and lets blood flow normally. It tames mental tensions, frustrations, and insecurities, the most damaging emotions we have, and so often associated with adrenal fatigue.

And that really good feeling you have after a massage? It’s working on a deeper level to re-program how you respond to stress, which in turn gives you a sense of wholeness and balance.

The only side effects of massage are a stronger immune system, more balanced hormones, more energy and clarity, and better health. Are you ready to start feeling better? Consider regular massage therapy visits as a self-care plan and an investment in your health and overall wellness. At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa we have a full menu of luxurious signature treatments allowing you to customize your treatments. Our professional team of massage therapist is committed to ensuring that each guest individual needs and preferences are met.