Brazilian Keratin Treatment


Shampoo wash

Using warm water, wash your hair with shampoo and softly massage the hair. This step will allow the hair cuticles to open and will prepare them for step 2. Rinse well and repeat this process
3 to 4 times. Use a hair dryer to remove moisture.

Separate hair into thin streaks and apply product

Brush the hair to your taste and comfort. Separate it into thin streaks. Using a brush, apply hair product as per your need spreading from the roots. Use a fine comb brush toward the bottom to remove the excess product. Avoid saturating the hair fiber, which makes it heavy and dull.


Processing time

Processing times vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so consult your product, but usually they range from 10-20 minutes. Once your processing is done do not wash the product out.

Blow dry properly

Once the processing time is complete blow dry the product into the hair. This can take awhile as there is a lot of product in the hair, but just stick with it and get the hair as dry as possible.


After treatment care

Keep your hair straight for 3 days. Do not wash, tie up or style hair for 3 days. Wash your hair with salt-free shampoo and conditioner
(not included).

Use appropriate shampoo

Continue to use salt-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent the treatment from washing out prematurely.