Common Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid


Only conditioning the ends of your hair –

Women mistakenly think that conditioner should be applied to the lower half of their hair because it “weighs it down.”

Not using a heat protective product –

With all the heat that is applied to hair, this one is a MUST. Heat can cause breakage, making your hair dry and brittle. Insulate it. Use a heat protecting spray before you style.


Skipping deep conditioning treatments

This one is crucial, especially if you are not
using a daily conditioner properly. Deep conditioning helps to fill in any holes,
as well as repair roughed up patches of hair.

Rough towel drying

Late for work makes you rub your hair wildly. Unfortunately, it won’t speed up the drying. Instead spray detangling product.


Tearing knots with a brush

Hair that is prone to knotting is the worst possible idea. Instead, start from the bottom up to loosen knots. The best trick to prevent knot-proned hair is using daily conditioner.