Hair color trends 2016

Hair color trends 2016


An updated take on bronde for blondes, this hair color trend is made for redheads. Ronze is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown. It works well on all complexions; you just have to find the best version with your colorist. For those with fair skin, you’ll want a more vibrant undertone.

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For those who have naturally dark hair and want to get in on the unnatural/natural trend without straying too far from their “born-with-it” color, then Eggplant would be a great option. Color is a true commitment; once you’ve bleached out your hair, and added blue or purple, you cannot simply go blonde again, if you don’t like it – it requires color correction! Consider this a safer way to play around before going with bolder shades.

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Babylights refers to a technique of applying very fine strands of color throughout the hair with meche or plastic wrap—it helps the hair look multi-dimensional, and the highlights boost your color in a more natural way. Think natural highlights with a smoother and more gradual change than ombré. Babylights are a great way to introduce highlights and dimension into the hair. They’re easy to maintain with little upkeep and a natural grow-out.

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This hand-painted highlighting technique has been around for a while. It gives the hair softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. Translation: you can go longer between salon visits Longer hair looks beautiful with this color treatment, by gently blending dark roots into the light blonde color you eventually see at the ends. There’s no foil or meche used to create the style, and it’s way more personalized as a good stylist will be able to place the color in just the right places to complement your skin tone.

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Bronde,” a term inspired by blondes who want to go dark—but not too dark! A fresh new hue is the definition of bronde with some blonde in the front and brown rocking the back. Perfect for indecisive ladies who want a change but aren’t quite ready to give up being a blonde. It can also add a little edge to classic brown hair .


What hair trends will dominate 2016? Hair industry experts, from celeb stylists to brand founders to salon owners, have made their predictions for the hair landscape in 2016.

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Shaggy, choppy shoulder-length hair is it for 2016. The Textured Lob is an effortless, chic trendy haircut that needs little maintenance. Make sure it has lots movement and choppier ends for that “I woke up like this” look.


The Shag

The shag, a trendy, rock-and-roll crop that needs little maintenance needs long piecey fringe with lots of medium layers around the face, as seen on Taylor Swift. The length needs to be long enough so you can pull it back into a ponytail, though pieces are short enough to fall down in front.

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A pixie cut or variation will be the It cut of the year. It should feature short hair around the perimeter of the face with the option of having varying lengths throughout the top, around the ears, and at the nape of the neck. Think Mia Farrow, but to modernize it, keep the same overall length framing the face.

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Bangs are back! Add softer fringe for a classic, glamorous look or opt for a blunt bang for an edgier finish. To go with your new fringe, ask for shorter, more textured layers around your face.