Why are intake forms important

Why are intake forms important?

With so many options out there finding the right salon & spa can be daunting. Keep in mind that getting the most out of your experience is what really matters in the end and it should be a relaxing, blissful experience, but if it’s your first visit, it can be slightly nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect. Here is some helpful information that can act as a manual to help you make the most out of your experience while you’re being pampered!

Treatment results are only as good as the intake forms! Intake forms are the gate way to a meaningful dialogue between you and your service provider. They are your insurance policy. Making sure your service provider is aware of your expectations.

Yes, it may seem unnecessary, redundant and annoying but very important to your service provider. Every form must be filled out completely and correctly for every single treatment here’s why.

Each client should be treated as a first time client. Even if you have seen your service provider dozens of times skin, hair and physical condition can change overnight. New medications, stress and changes in your diet are some of the ways things could have changed since your last appointment. That is why it is crucial to ensure to fill out forms completely each visit.

Date the forms. Without a date, we have no way of knowing when the service was previously performed. This allows the service provider the information they need to go back and look at a particular treatment and if it met your expectations, as well as your service providers.

Incomplete health information. Skipped questions or vague answers can have a huge negative effect on your services. Medical information such as doctor’s care, medications may cause adverse reactions (allergies) and could affect how hair and skin will perform and respond. It will also greatly affect the treatment decisions for take home products and home care recommendations.

No listed concerns. This is the #1 most important question on your intake form. “What are your concerns and challenges?” Isn’t this why you came for professional services anyway? It’s the gateway to building a long term relationship with your service provider. It lets us know what your expectations are and what you would like to have focused on that day.

Bring pictures! If you are thinking of changing your hair color or hair style a selection of pictures showing what you want to achieves extremely helpful. This way you can engage in the discussion as to whether the hairstyle or color is suitable or may not be practical for your hair type and will allow your service provider to discuss alternatives that may be more attainable. For examples: hairstyles that may suit your face shape more or hair color that is similar but either slightly lighter or darker and may complement your eyes better.

If you have a preference.Please let us know if there is a specific service provider you prefer. We will make every effort to accommodate guest wishes in this regard. Keep in mind that at peak hours, it may be harder to fulfill your request. Remember to book in advance; if you are a fan of a particular service provider, chances are someone else is as well.

No Email/Phone Number. We may need to personally communicate with you regarding your service or treatment progression or to let you know of upcoming specials.

No Signature. When you sign, as well as your service provider, it shows that the two of you have reviewed it together and have a plan of action. Additionally, it gives the service provider permission to proceed with the services you have discussed.

Your expectations.Some clients may be kidding but others expect magic! It’s no different than the gym – one spin class does not equal bikini ready. Sharing realistic expectations with your pro enables them to tell you what they can and can’t do for you and the role you probably need to play in reaching your goals.

Simply put, the intake form allows us to understand your goals and expectations and in turn enable us to make the best decisions based on the information you have provided to us.