Three Words That Will Change Your Life Laser Hair Removal

Three words that will change your life Laser Hair Removal

With Laser hair removal becoming one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures in the U.S., our team of professionals provide the best possible treatments, using unparalleled technology that yields the safest and most effective treatments available.

However, beware not all laser hair removal treatments are created equal and there are some thing need to be considered when deciding if Laser Hair Removal is right for you. Even though technology has changed since Laser Hair Removal started in the 1990’s, there are still facts that remain unchanged before you get lured by the thought of a waxing-free, shaving-free, stubble-free life.

Different lasers have different results

Yes, there are different lasers in use today. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) emits various wavelengths to various chromophores so it’s not that effective. True Laser however emits a single wavelength of light which makes the treatment much more effective. The Gentle Max Pro has a dual wavelength laser platform that combines the fastest and most powerful 755nm Alexandrite laser with an equally powerful 1064nm Nd: YAG laser for high performance treatment capabilities in terms of speed, efficacy, ease-of-use, performance, safety and patient satisfaction.

For the laser, all hair types are not equal

While Laser Hair Removal works for most skin and hair types, results differ from person to person. It works best on people with thick, dark hair and light skin. That’s because lasers target the pigment in hair, so the greater the contrast between skin and hair color, better the results. Which means people with grey or blonde hair will not get results because there isn’t enough pigment in these hairs for the laser to detect.

Things to avoid once you set the date

Your usual hair removal processes will need to stop once you decide to go in for Laser Hair Removal. No more waxing or plucking, as hair follicles need to be in their proper growth stage in order for the laser to have enough hair to zap. However, on the day of your treatment, shaving the area is advised. This allows the laser to focus on the hair follicle it is targeting more precisely.

Also self-tanning lotions and exposure to the sun need to be limited at least 3-4 weeks prior to the treatment so there’s enough color contrast between skin and hair. In addition you will need to avoid chemical peels, no scrubs or retinol creams while you are doing laser hair removal.

Expect some pain and irritation

Laser Hair Removal is not as painful as some people think but it’s not entirely painless either. It’s less painful than waxing. The amount of pain is minimal to moderate, as it feels like tiny pin pricks or rubber band snaps on your skin when the laser detects and zaps hair follicles.

Following your treatment, you may experience some redness and/or slight irritation. This is normal and will vary person to person. A cool compress, Aloe gel or ice pack will help. Also, it is advisable to stay hydrated, out of the sun, avoid scrubs, tanning lotions, or strenuous exercise. Your laser Technician will advise you.

It’s not a one-time, one-session job

According to the experts at Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa, of Orlando, it is very important to understand that due to the staggered nature of the hair growth cycle multiple treatments are required. Everyone has three different stages of hair growth. The Anagen phase is the active growth phase. This is the only phase where laser hair removal is effective. Only 20% of hair is actively growing during one Anagen growth phase, which is why multiple treatments are necessary for laser hair removal to be effective for long-term results. In addition, results may vary depending on the individual’s background, ethnicity, individual hair type, hormonal levels and certain medication. For the face, it is good to plan for 9 to 12 treatments are recommended; for other body areas, it takes a bit longer to get results so expect 8 to 12 sessions. Then add more sessions as per your need. Keep in mind that fluctuating hormones can make hair grow back.

At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa we exclusively use the Gentle Max Pro. There may be other multiple-wavelength systems on the market, but none come close to offering the enhanced speed, efficacy and versatility of the Gentle Max Proallowing us to treat a wider range of clients with fast effective treatments giving a whole new meaning to high-speed laser hair removal. When compared to the competition, it’s easy to see the difference.

Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa has been established since 1999 and is proud to have provided professional hair removal services for the past 15 years to over 25,000 laser clients.