Tips For Healthy Summertime Hair

Summertime can be rough on your hair! Over processed, dry and oily hair always seem to be part of summertime. Here are some tips that will help you keep your hair healthy and shiny no matter what your issues may be.

Wash oily hair more frequently. If your scalp is oily, you may need to wash it once a day. If you have chemically treated, your hair may be drier, so you may want to wash it less frequently.

As you get older, your scalp makes less oil, so you may not need to shampoo as often. But if you see flakes, you may not be shampooing enough. This can lead to dandruff. When shampooing your hair, concentrate on cleansing the scalp, rather than washing the length of the hair.

It’s important to use conditioner, after every shampoo. Using conditioner will significantly improve the look of damaged or over processed hair as well as increasing strength. When conditioner concentrate on the ends of your hair.

Too much conditioner on the roots can make fine hair look limp. Use only professional products specifically formulated for your hair type. A keratin treatment is also a good way to keep hair healthy after a hair cut. Please consult your stylist for the best recommendation.

Always protect your hair while swimming, both in the ocean water as well as chlorinated water. The best way of doing this is by wetting and conditioning your hair before swimming.

This will act as a barrier from the salt water and chemicals. Both of which can be extremely drying to your hair. And most importantly always wear a hat at the beach. This will not only protect your hair from harmful UV rays, but will protect your skin!