Makeup Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing After Age 40

We are often asked: how can I keep that glow to my skin after my 40th birthday. We have several recommendations that you can either try yourself or we would love to assist you at the best Orlando Spa: Sanctuary Salon and Medical Spa.

Paying special attention to your makeup can really make a difference:

• We recommend that you update your regular makeup to mineral makeup. It will make you look fresher.
• Apply blush on the cheek bones.
• Try cream blusher if your skin is dry.
• Start using primer before applying foundation, eye makeup and lipstick; this will help the makeup last longer and helps to
settle the final layer of makeup between skin creases.
• Choose softer tone pigments for eye makeup and lipstick.

There are also skin care products you can try with the guidance of a professional salon and spa expert. Here is what our experts say:

• Make a habit of regular skin care.
• Let your esthetician take a fresh look at your skin and suggest skin care products with high performance ingredients.
• Try regular facials & peels.
• Choose products with Alpha hydroxy acid, Retin A, vitamin C and peptides.
• Don’t forget to moisturizer and exfoliate your skin.

And lastly, your lifestyle can also have a lot to do with keeping that glow on your skin.
• Stay out of sun as this can dull your skin.
• If you are outside during daylight, where high SPF sun block to limit your exposure to harmful light from the Sun.
• However, if you want to have the suntanned look, get a sun kissed glow with a bronzer at your favorite salon and spa.

If keeping up with a new makeup routine is too much to remember or you want us to help you, make regular trips to the best Orlando salon and spa, such as our very own Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa. Here we offer endless advice on looking, feeling and being your best. We offer beauty products, hair and spa treatments from eyebrow threading to facials in our full day spa for Orlando, Windermere, Bay Hill, and Dr. Phillips area residents.

Take our advice and keep your skin care routine going and your friends will envy your skin.