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The Medi-Pedi Treatment for Your Tortured Feet

Have you heard about a Medi-Pedi? Yes Medi-Pedi!  (Not to be confused with a Mani-Pedi). A Medi Pedi is a luxurious foot treatment performed in a safe and sterile environment where the treatment consists of the shaping of the nails, cleaning of the nail beds, smoothing out of calluses and a thorough moisturizing of the skin of the feet but to also examine the nails, skin and foot as a whole to understand any issue you may be experiencing 

Our Medi-Pedi pedicure treatment is designed to keep your feet looking clean and fresh in addition to a number of other benefits:

  • Helps to  prevent ingrown toenails
  • Can help solve issues such as cracked or split toenails
  • Can help rid your feet of unpleasant odors
  • Can help find  foot ailments you may have but not be aware of
  • Calluses and corns can be dealt with properly
  • Leads to better hygiene than a run-of-the-mill cosmetic pedicure

The differences between a medical pedicure and a cosmetic one

While cosmetic pedicures focus on aesthetics and beauty, medi-pedis focus on the assessment and treatment of all your foot issues.

Both cosmetic pedicures and medi-pedis at a luxurious day spa in Orlando focus on the care of the toenails and skin of your feet. The main difference lies in the purpose and procedures of these treatments. A cosmetic pedicure is one of the spa treatments in Orlando Florida that is generally beauty and therapeutic treatment for the toenails and feet involving removing dead skin, softening the skin, trimming and shaping the nails, cutting back cuticles, and the application of nail polish. Its main focus at massage spas in Orlando Florida is on allowing space and time for the pampering and relaxation of the feet.

Medi-pedis on the other hand, usually include the treatment of toenails and skin for the foot.

What does a medi-pedi treatment entail?

A medi-pedi treatment generally involves the correct trimming and filing of the toenails as well as the addressing of medical issues and instances of foot pain. The aim of medi-pedis is to ensure healthy and well-trimmed nails and smooth and lissome skin on the feet in order to reduce the risks of infection which eventually leads to significantly healthier feet.

Med-pedis at Sanctuary

A medi-pedi at an Award Winning spa & salon in Orlando like Sanctuary is pain-free and relaxing. We ensure that all our clients leave their appointment feeling much better than when they first arrive. It can be said that a medi-pedi is a way to pamper yourself and your feet in a health-conscious manner.

Sanctuary – the best day spa in Orlando – uses medi-pedi products from Footlogix – the world’s first and only PEDICEUTICAL® Mousse Foot Care line made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.  The Footlogix’s unique, groundbreaking Dermal Infusion Technology®, along with its scientific formulation, enables active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into the troubled skin of the feet. With results seen in just a few days, from eliminating simple dryness to addressing more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes, Footlogix has been clinically proven to perform.

At the end of the day, the kind of pedicure you choose depends on what your objectives are. If you’re looking to groom your feet and have well-painted toenails, going for a cosmetic pedicure might be the way for you.

Although, if you are looking to tackle any nail or skin problems you may have, a medi-pedi would be the right choice for you!  Regularly scheduled medi-pedis will help your feet stick to the path of good foot health by handling existing issues and detecting and dealing with issues early – before they progress beyond their initial stages.

Sanctuary – one of the top hair salons in Orlando – currently has a special offer on their medi-pedi – now available for $60 (regularly $70). We are also offering a discount of 10% on our range of Footlogix products.


Sanctuary is an award-winning spa & salon in Orlando established in 1999 is well known and counted upon for the latest, most effective skin care treatments, provided in a setting that’s posh and soothing. Sanctuary ensures all treatments are carried out by their highly trained professionals, using state of the art equipment & products and with a no-compromise focus!  Our professional services ensure the creation of a state of beauty and wellness within you.

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