Erase Scars

The Best Way to Erase Scars

Every scar has a story. The time you took a tumble from a bike when you were kid, burned your wrist working at a pizza shop, had replacement knee surgery – each event left a visible reminder on your skin. The scars that are hidden don’t bother most people, but some scars are quite noticeable. In time, scars fade, but who wants to wait for scars to disappear? While there are no quick answers, we may have a few tools to help.

Consider microdermabrasion. To really attack scars, especially those on the face, a procedure called microdermabrasion can be performed. This procedure, which basically removes a layer of skin, is quite common. It’s used to revitalize the skin and reduce the appearance of raised scars.

Massage. If you have a scar that bugs you, point it out to your therapist before your next massage. During a full body massage, your practitioner can spend a little extra time massaging the troubled spot. A massage can break down the dense bands of collagen that build up around the scar. After your appointment, a quick 30-second self massage over the scar can help too.

Use sunblock. It’s vital to protect the scar from the sun’s harmful rays. By shielding the scar from the sun, it decreases the likelihood of hyperpigmentation, where the scar turns color.

Ask about skin care products. Chat with our skin care expert and see if there is a product they can suggest to help your individual scars fade.