Skin Care

Skin Type Saavy

Taking proper care of your skin will determine how your skin looks and feels. We all want the best looking skin and we all want to age gracefully. It is necessary to use the right products for your particular skin and we have a quick guide to get you started.

There are five main skin types – normal, combination, oily, dry and sensitive. Knowing yours is a vital first step to planning a routine, and choosing which treatments are best suited to your skin’s needs. A visit with our professionals is a sure way to find out, but knowing which of the five basic categories you fall into can also easily be self-diagnosed.

Normal – If you have a normal complexion, you may consider yourself to be favored by the skin Gods. Normal skin is the least problematic of the five types making up the spectrum. A quick study of your skin in the mirror upon rising in the morning, is unlikely detect any oil; pores are also minimal.

Your skin has an even tone, feels smooth to the touch and has a supple or elastic consistency. A minimal or basic skin care routine is usually all that’s required to care for normal skin types, and perhaps the best news about normal skin is that it ages well.

Combination – Because it requires a skin care routine that encompasses both moisture and oil control, combination skin is one of the hardest types to care for. If you have combination skin, you are likely to have an oily.

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