Massage Therapy

Stay in the Flow With Massage

While some of us do inversion positions throughout the day, several of us do not. It is more likely that we go through our days with our head above our feet and we walk with the normal pull of gravity. In fact, some people notice swollen ankles or sore feet at the end of the day. Our bodies feel the effect of being constantly upright.

We tend to be people that don’t get enough exercise and we don’t change our body positioning enough throughout the day. The trick is that the body needs movement and change to maintain healthy circulation. Fluids can pool in the body and cause edema and swelling. The muscles need to move to get the blood to circulate. Oxygen and immune agents are carried in the blood and need to be distributed properly to maintain good health.

We don’t expect you to quit your job or do a two hour work-out everyday. However, there is help out there. Regular massage is a way to keep those fluids balanced in your body and keep you vibrant and healthy. Through manual movement of the muscles, the liquids in the body are able to settle where they are needed and most beneficial.

We look forward to seeing you for your next massage toward greater health.