Valentine’s Day

Show Some Valentine Love

Roses, jewelry, romantic dinners, getaways for two. That’s the traditional way of looking at Valentine’s Day. But traditions change. The sentiment behind Valentine’s Day is expressing affection for people you care about.

Why not spend this coming Valentine’s Day with your BFFs or your best guy friends, or maybe your Mom or Dad? A getaway at a day spa can reinforce the bonds you share with family members or with people you think of as family while providing a needed respite from the stress and day to day demands of twenty-first century life.

An Afternoon with Your Besties

Forget hearts and flowers and get into the true spirit of Valentine’s Day by treating yourself and your crew to a relaxing afternoon of pampering. Start with skin renewing facials and exfoliation treatments administered by our estheticians to rid your complexions of pore-clogging dead skin. Take a break while you and your besties unwind and enjoy our serene ambience.

Move on to a relaxing Swedish massage with essential oils to ease away stiffness and stress. Or maybe you’d prefer an indulgent scrub to polish your skin from head to toe. Finish the afternoon with mani-pedis while you all dish about the latest happenings. You and your friends will emerge relaxed and glowing – and closer than ever.

A Valentine’s Spa Date with a Male Friend

No need to neglect your male friends on Valentine’s Day. Book joint brow and manicure appointments for you and that gorgeous guy you love like a brother. If he balks, tell him that although he’s great looking already, he would be IRRESISTIBLE if he got rid of that Unibrow and cleaned up his scraggly looking cuticles. You’ll both look more polished and he’ll thank you when he scores a hot date or that big promotion he’s been hoping for.

Valentine’s Day Bonding with Mom — and Dad

Your Mom and Dad spent years (and a lot of money) making sure you had braces and music lessons, not to mention a safe, loving home. Show your gratitude and your love by treating Mom or Dad – or Mom AND Dad – to a much deserved Valentine’s Day spa break.

Book joint salon appointments for you and Mom for deep hair conditioning, cuts, color and fresh new hairstyles. Take photos of styles you would like to try and let the stylist work magic on your locks. You and your mom can refresh your makeup routines with recommendations from the makeup artist on staff on natural daytime looks and elegant nighttime glamour.

Show Dad he’s still your number one guy on Valentine’s Day by treating him to a hot towel and shave, along with a men’s facial while you enjoy your own exfoliation and facial treatment. If he hesitates, reassure him that these days grooming and wellness are totally manly.

If he’s still not convinced, entice him with a deep tissue massage to ease out the kinks from household chores or long hours staring at a computer screen.

Valentine’s Day Renewal

A Valentine’s Day at the spa will renew your connections with those special people in your life. You’ll also look great and feel refreshed.