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Massage Therapies from Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa

As research has repeatedly proven, massage therapy is not just a self-indulgent or pampering treatment but has infinite therapeutic benefits. It is estimated by some experts that about 80% of diseases are stress-related. High stress is the catalyst for ageing – both internally and externally – hence stress-relieving massages are powerful tools in the battle against ageing.

The therapeutic benefits of regular massages help to control anxiety & depression, relieve aches & pains, fight headaches, improve sleep quality, boost immunity, improve mental alertness and at times enhances perception and clarity. The physiological and chemical changes that occur in the body after a massage can have profound and lasting effects.

Research also shows that the sense of touch has incredible benefits for medical conditions like chronic arthritis, neurological disorders and certain kinds of injuries.

Whether your intention is self-indulgent pampering or therapeutic, the power of massages can help with stress relief, pain management and numerous other ailments.

Massage Therapy Team at Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa

Sanctuary’s professional team of massage therapists in Orlando brings with it years of experience, training and understanding of the body’s healing ability and the benefits of massage therapy. Our team has a combined experience of over 30 years and brings with it expertise in therapeutic massage for stress relief, sports massage, pre-natal, hot stone, and pain management as well as basic relaxation massage for those who are just looking to get pampered. We can confidently say that with our team of experts, we offer the best massage therapy in Orlando and are considered the foremost day spa in Orlando, Florida.

The various massage therapies offered by Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa are:

  1. Sanctuary Signature Massage – An 80-minute journey of pampering.

    This 80-minute pampering trip begins with exfoliation and rejuvenation of the skin throughout the body with body brushing that increases circulation, alleviates muscle tension, tightens and detoxifies the skin. This is one of the most luxurious spa treatments in Orlando, Florida.

  2. Swedish Massage – Guaranteed relaxation of mind and body.

    The Swedish Massage therapy offered by Sanctuary improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. It helps relieves tension and muscle soreness. Relaxes your mind and soothes your soul. We are the experts when it comes to Swedish massage in Orlando.

  3. Tension Recovery – Therapeutic massage designed for stressed and aching muscles.

    This massage therapy includes intensive massage techniques combined with customized pressure, essential oils and warm soothing muscle gel to help disperse the build-up of lactic acid that causes stiffness and pain.

  4. Deep Tissue Massage – Targets the deeper layers of muscles.

    Our Deep Tissue massage therapy is a stronger type of massage that helps to ease problems or concerns in the upper and lower back, neck, legs or any body area which needs extra focus. Our Deep Tissue massage in Orlando helps with chronic pain or limited mobility.

  5. Hot Stone Massage – Highly effective and safe pain relief without discomfort.

    The Hot Stone massage therapy works by allowing the warm heat and energy from the stones to penetrate deep into the muscles to achieve a soothing therapeutic experience without discomfort. Great for chronic stress and tension. Provides relief from fibromyalgia, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Come along with your spouse and indulge yourselves in the most aesthetic couples massage in Orlando.

  6. Prenatal Massage – Relieves many discomforts during pregnancy.

    Our Prenatal massages for pregnant women relieve many discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and swelling. This massage focuses on the special needs of the body as it goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. We are the best day spa in Orlando for prenatal massages.

  7. Upper Body Massage – Relieves stress and tension from the Upper Body.

    The stress and tension experienced by most of us in our daily lives are stored predominantly in our upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck and head. The Upper Body massage therapy will help loosen sore muscles and increase circulation in these parts leaving you re-energized.

  8. Chair Massage – Excellent and quick way to destress the body.

    Our chair massage therapy is an excellent and quick way to refresh your tired muscles and de-stress your body. You will be surprised how fresh a little Tender Loving Care can make you feel!

Regular and frequent massages are the foundation of overall wellness and self-care and are a crucial investment in your long-term health and well-being. As one of the most awarded massage spas in Orlando, Florida, we can proudly claim the high efficacy of our diverse range of massage therapies. Visit Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa or call 407-909-1011 for your massage therapy needs.