Life is More Beautiful with Balayage

Born in France, Balayage was developed in the 70’s and is the French term for ‘to sweep or paint’ and is createdby free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends.  The result is the look of summers spent at the beach, or the fresh, unintentionally perfect highlights on a child.

The most appealing thing about balayage is that the color can be customized completely to your hair color and hair type. By strategically freehand painting the hair, you can highlight or even detract from certain features of your face, and you can be sure that no one else out there has the exact same hair color.  Your balayage will be unique to you!


Gives you individuality. Your color will be custom just for you.

Brightens your face (especially when you opt for lighter face-framing pieces)

Works for both light or dark hair color, as well as all hair types and textures

It’s low-maintenance (minimal upkeep without roots looking super obvious)

Healthier-Looking Hair. Because Balayage doesn’t  saturating your hair in bleach or color dye, you’ll enjoy healthier hair with less damage and dryness.

Hides unruly gray hair.  Although Balayage will not cover gray hair, the placement allows for better blending.

It’s important to remember there are variations in application preferences.  Some colorists do not separate the hair, while others will separate the hair with either cotton or foils as a divide

Although the applications may be different, the results allow the colorist to hand select the pieces of hair.

They want to highlight giving you a subtle, effortless, and timeless look that is going to be around for decades to come.

Low maintenance color without compromise….Life is more beautiful with Balayage! 

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