best day spa in orlando

Let’s break stereotypes and allow men to embrace the beauty of self care

Think spas are strictly reserved for women? Think again. Research shows that more men visit spas today and are putting more effort into their appearance than ever before. And as a result, have become acclimated to this once-mysterious world of spa treatments and are having a growing influence over the service we now offer.  

Whether it is to improve their physical, mental or spiritual health, men have come to realize that the human body possesses amazing healing powers and the greatest way to experience these energies is with the magic of massage and facials.

Some of the most popular men’s spa treatments are:

Deep tissue massages: This is one of the best massage therapies and is always going to be a popular treatment for men as they have an obvious recognizable physical purpose in addition to health and wellness benefits due to high stress lifestyles.

Luxurious Facials Treatments: Being one of the best day spas in Orlando, we highly recommend facials, since most men are extremely hard on their faces with shaving!

Manicure & Pedicures: These can be an incredibly scary place since many men do not know how (or just don’t) take care of their nails. So mani’s and pedi’s are a great way to keep your hands and feet healthy and happy along with down time to relax and unwind.

Laser Hair Removal: Unwanted body hair like on the back or chest, can be difficult, stressful and embarrassing to maintain. Laser hair removal is easy, fast, affordable and the safest way to remove unwanted hair forever. Laser Hair Removal brings a whole new meaning to manscaping!!

Today’s modern man has nothing to fear and everything to gain from a spa visit. A good spa will treat men like kings. This, of course, is no more than they deserve as Father’s Day fast approaches.