Laser Hair Removal Treatment at Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa, Orlando, Florida

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you as to why you should consider Sanctuary when thinking of getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment. These are just a few of our reviews on why at Sanctuary we have the Best Laser, Best Prices, and Best Results!

“I say this as someone who has gotten laser hair removal treatment before from another company in the area. 13 entire treatments and it didn’t work! I was so disappointed. Fast forward two years later and I heard about Sanctuary Med Spa from a friend and decided to give it one more try hoping it would work for me. It depends entirely on the type of laser you use! This laser is high quality and actually works.

I’ve had more results in one treatment than I ever had with 13. The laser aesthetician was so sweet and helpful in the process. I’m so excited to continue my Treatments and see even more results that actually last!” N.S.

“Experience at Sanctuary has been exceptional. My laser consultation was extremely informative and the team did a great job explaining the process I would be going through. My first laser appointment went very well and the team did a great job making sure I was at ease throughout the entire process. I will most definitely be using Sanctuary for all of my laser hair removal treatment needs! They are the best in Orlando” D.C.

“Hey guys – I’ll tell u a small story about my legs I’m Indian, raised in Trinidad with the thickest dark hair you’ve seen. For many years, I struggled with shaving and waxing my bikini, under arms, legs, upper lips. Went to a place that quoted me 20,000 to remove my leg and bikini hair which I said no to Some years later I popped into Sanctuary Spa Orlando and they changed my life with hair removal!! I tell the owner every time I see her, this was the BEST BEST BEST money I ever spent! For a fraction of what was quoted to me years ago.

I have the smoothest legs ever!! Omg being from an Indian background my leg hair was course, dark and I had to shave twice a day now I don’t even own any shavers and three out my wax machine! Trust me! Having smooth legs, bikini, under arms and lips are the best thing ever! Show off your smooth legs!! I say again BEST MONEY SPENT! Now I get my hair cut and color and massages done there as well” S.C.

“I started laser treatments here on my underarms and I am loving it. They have the best prices around and the best laser! 1000% recommend” Anoymous

“The laser tech is awesome. She is thorough and kind, really knows what she is doing! I have only had 3 treatments and I am already blown away with the results! Thank you” L.H.

“Amazing staff loved my treatment I saw results after first laser treatment wound deffrecommend”M.N.

Have you heard enough? Why are you waiting? And for those of you who haven’t “googled” Laser Hair Removal and don’t already know everything there is to know about Lasers, here are a few more reasons why you should ONLY consider Sanctuary for Laser Hair Removal!

At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa we exclusively use the Gentle Max Pro. There may be other multiple-wavelength systems on the market, but none even come close to offering the enhanced speed, efficacy and versatility of the Gentle Max. The GentleMax Pro combines the highest peak power 755 nm and 1064 nm lasers with unmatched clinical performance for unlimited flexibility and safety on all skin types giving a whole new meaning to high-speed laser hair removal.

When compared to the competition, it’s easy to see the difference. So what are you waiting for? Call today and speak with one of our front desk professionals to set up your free laser hair consultation.