laser hair removal in orlando florida

If you dare to care for yourself, Sanctuary’s laser hair removal is for you!

Traditional cures for unwanted body hair like shaving, waxing and tweezing body hair can be cumbersome, downright irritating and just plain ugly. Not to mention painful!

If you are on the lookout for a simpler, more effective, and faster body hair removal option in an award-winning day spa in Orlando, Florida, we are just a call away. We are your ‘Sanctuary’ for personal care.

We call ourselves ‘Sanctuary’ day spa treatments in Orlando, Florida because there is little less where you can go for the best hair, skin, massage and other personal care treatments in Orlando, Florida.

Say ta-ta to unwanted body hair permanently by choosing our laser-powered body hair removal at Sanctuary Hair Salon and Med Spa, a day spa based out of Orlando, Florida.  We are the best and most luxurious day spa in Orlando, Florida by right!

About Sanctuary Spa

Established in 1999, we are the preferred partner for luxury spa treatments in Orlando, Florida offering innovative solutions for personal care through well-trained beauticians and therapists who specialise in Sanctuary’s extensive list of services like haircutshair colouringkeratin treatments, therapeutic massages, facials and manicures. Our qualified and certified staff customizes treatments suitable to your needs and lifestyles.

About Laser Hair Removal

Conventional methods of unwanted body hair removal are time consuming, need to be repeated often and painful. The popularity of laser hair removal is on the rise daily and is now one of the most widely practised cosmetic procedures.

Laser hair removal technique utilizes a condensed beam of light that impairs or destroys the hair follicle by zeroing in on the pigment of the hair being removed. The hair follicle sustains minimal damage during this treatment. At least two to three sessions are required to get rid of hair and inhibit its regrowth.

This treatment can be carried out on legs, armpits, upper lips, and chin. The colour of the skin and hair determines the effectiveness of the laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal treatment is usually most effective when there is greater contrast between the colours of the hair and skin. It works better with darker hair and lighter skin.

Sanctuary’s Laser Hair Removal

We use the true state-of-the-art laser treatments for hair removal of unwanted body hair in Orlando, Florida. We use Food and Drug Administration Authority (FDA)-approved laser hair removal treatment to permanently eliminate ingrown hair in all skin types.

Our laser hair removal technicians are experienced and licensed. They receive and treat you professionally & courteously. We advise you and answer all your questions. We provide a patch test at the beginning of your session to check your skin reaction.

Laser treatment for hair removal at a Med Spa in Orlando, like Sanctuary, is believed to be safe for most people. This process has negligible side-effects, and the procedure is generally painless.

Different skin types require different types of lasers. You must visit our establishment Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa – a luxurious day spa in Orlando, Florida – where trained technicians comprehensively evaluate your skin type, conduct a patch test, and deliver the best solution.

Effective laser hair removal in Sanctuary, Orlando, Florida, usually requires 6-10 sessions in the beginning. You will also need top-up sessions to sustain the results. The initial course can reduce 80%-85% of the hair in most people.

Hair-removal treatments are usually undergone in the summer when people wear lighter clothes, and their arms and legs are showing. In fact, the winter months are the best time to start laser hair removal treatments.

The laser hair removal process takes between two to six sessions, ergo, starting this treatment in the winter will lead to smooth, hair-free under arms, legs and so on …by the time spring and summer arrive!


If you are looking for the perfect place for laser hair removal…Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa is the best day spa in Orlando, Florida and has an immensely qualified team of aestheticians who will carry out an analysis of your hair and skin, relate the procedure and answer questions.

It is widely accepted that taking time to pamper oneself and taking care of one’s body greatly improves one’s body image and enhances self-esteem. Beauty treatments at Orlando, Florida’s best day spa—Sanctuary, will make you look and feel great.

Treatments like facials and body massages by Sanctuary Hair Salon and Med Spa, Orlando, Florida, offer anti-aging benefits and help treat skin problems so you look your best. Many spa services such as heat therapy, massage, hydrotherapy improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, and relax the muscles so you sleep better at night.

Sanctuary is among the best day spas in Orlando, Florida. It offers a comprehensive list of therapeutic and beauty treatments, custom made for your beauty and wellness.

Sanctuary’s staff are highly trained, experienced professionals who are committed. The ambience is luxurious and welcoming, so you’ll want to come back for more.