From Highlights to Lowlights, Find out Which Shades Compliment Your Hair Color

From highlights to lowlights, find out which shades compliment your hair color

Go to a professional! Getting highlights should definitely be reserved for the salon. Decide if you are getting highlights, lowlights or both Highlights shades that are lighter than the allover hair color, while lowlights are dark colors applied to lighter hair. Lowlights tend to soften a dark color while highlights bring depth.

If you have platinum blonde hair Try lowlights in a deeper blonde shade. We recommend getting lowlights in a deeper blonde color woven throughout

If you have light to medium blonde hair Try lowlights in deep blonde

If you have medium blonde to dark blonde hair Try reddish copper highlights. Medium blonde hair screams for coppery tones

If you have dark brown hair Try caramel highlights. We recommend incorporating shades of caramel, not much lighter than your natural color, into your hair. Caramel, rather than reds or oranges will produce a subtler look, the trick is to use two or three different shades to create a more natural and vibrant effect

If you have black hair Try chocolate brown, caramel highlights. Highlights in black hair will soften the harshness. Make sure the shade you choose has warm undertones that will work with your tone instead of against it. Rich copper or warm chocolate brown hues will help black hair look brighter

If you have auburn hair Try warm, orang-y highlights. It’s important to stay within warm tones for red hair. Women with lots of natural red hair can achieve delicious highlights by not going too light and by using two or three shades. Try highlights in a copper color or even in a yellow-orange-y blonde hue. Red hair is made softer with hues of orange

Now that you know which shade of highlights to get, keep them looking as fresh as the day you walked out of the salon with these tips:

Buy products made for color-treated hair

Protect your hair from the sun. Sun rays break down color molecules, which will cause your new, fabulous highlights to fade

Do not style with heat. Freshly colored hair tends to be more course, and heat will fry your hair