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A Cut Above: Haircuts At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa

Finding the perfect haircut can be a challenge. There are so many factors to consider – from the texture and thickness of your hair to the shape of your face and even to your lifestyle and personality. That’s why it helps to consult a specialist, an expert hairstylist who can study your hair & face, understand your lifestyle, evaluate your choices and customize the best haircut for you.

Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa at Orlando, Florida has been classified by Orlando a List as one of the best salon in Orlando. Come experience our talented hair stylists in one of the best hair salons in Orlando.


Square Face: This face shape is generally wide with a strong jawline. Blunt bangs or a short bob can accentuate the jawline. Soft, wispy bangs can soften the look.

Round Face: Round faces often make the person look younger so one can play with more youthful styles. Choppy pixie cut, lob, short side bangs, long layered cut, etc.These will help add angles and elongate your face.

Oval Face: Such faces are slightly long with no prominant angles or points. Most hairstyles work for this face shape – a blunt bob with face-framing pieces or shoulder-length with layers can look really great.

Long Face: This face is a longer version of the oval face so the best looks would be long cuts with layers for volume, blunt bangs, chin-length bobs and side-swept bangs.

Heart-shaped Face: This face calls for a haircut that either balances out or accentuates the tapered shape. A lob, long bob, side-parted pixie cut would be just right for you.

These are some of the most common shapes. However, every one if different and it’s not always easy to figure out which cut will be right for your face. Schedule an appointment with Sanctuary’s hairstylists for a free consult.

From simple cuts to a complete make-over, our creative hair designers will guide you to a look that’s just right for you. Our professional team also educates you on how to achieve your look at home with the right products and proper tools. Pamper your tresses and give them an all-new look with our custom hair styles. We also provide services for special occasions and weddings.


For the best haircuts and hair treatments in Windermere, Orlando, Sanctuary should be your go-to friend and guide. Sanctuary offers the full gamut of services to help you get and maintain hair that will truly be your ‘shining glory’.

We also specialize in:          

Blow Dry Bar

Blow drying hair adds volume, shine and a sophisticated look. Whether it is a night out on the town or a red carpet event, a lunch with the girls or a date with someone special – a salon blow dry will help you look and feel special. Give your hair and mood a lift at one of the best hair salons in Orlando.

Hair Color

Sanctuary offers a variety of color services at varied price ranges, depending on length, thickness, density, natural color and style.

From basic all-over coloring to funky hair color, advanced Ombre and Balayage to foil accents, retouch lightener and more – Orlando’s best hair salon has the professional staff, creative skills and best-in-class products to deliver superlative color services.

Perms and Relaxers

Whether you need a body perm to add volume or a relaxer to control frizz and excess curl, we have the texture service that is just right for you. We offer perms and relaxers customized to suit all hair types and lifestyles.

Hair relaxer, curly hair relaxer, tight perm, soft perm, spiral perm and beachy wave … these and many more hair services are performed by certified specialists at Sanctuary.

Keratin Treatment

Our revolutionary Keratin treatment is an advanced smoothening therapy which restores and restructures the hair resulting in amazing shiny, silky conditioned hair that is more manageable, easy to style and resistant to humidity. Your hair will be frizz free & shiny.

Olaplex Treatment

If you have damaged hair or color regularly, adding Olaplex to your next service will help make your hair stronger, shiny, frizz-free and healthy.

Whenever you do chemical treatments or thermal treatments on your hair, your hair breaks hydrogen and sulphide bonds. Using Olaplex is like adding insurance to your service. Olaplex reconnects the sulphide bonds leaving your hair softer, shinier, easier to manage with less frizz for weeks. Color lasts longer with more vibrancy. So what are you waiting for? Call to fix your appointment today. Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa will ensure you look and feel your best!