Your Hair Problems are Our Priority


Sanctuary and Schwarzkopf We love your locks as much as you do.

Sanctuary has the solution for dry, damaged, faded, flat and dull hair. With a diverse variety of hair products and care regimes available we have a solution for all hair types with Schwarzkopf professional products. From brunette to blonde, thick to thin, dry to color treated, a collection of different hair treatments are available to combat and reduce the effects of mechanical, environmental, heat, humidity and chemical influences. So replenish and let the hair care technologies in our salon-exclusive products at Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa pamper your hair and give it the care it needs.

Sanctuary and Schwarzkopf have a Passion for Hair. Dedicated to creativity, our reputation is built on a trusted foundation of expertise and quality. Sanctuary together with Schwarkoph’s century of innovation and passion for hair, are dedicated to staying ahead of the game and meeting the needs of an increasingly sophisticated client base.

Here are some of our suggestions to solve most of your hair problems.

BC Bonacure, the ultimate in hair perfection by bringing hair closer than ever to its natural perfection.

Discover specific therapies for….

BC REPAIR RESCUE – for damaged, distress or porous hair provides 100% hair replenishment, 100% resilience and 95% less hair breakage. The secret to BC Repair Rescue lies in the highest concentration of breakthrough proteolipds, a powerful combination of hydrolyzed keratin and lipid components that restore the protective later of virgin hair by rebuilding the architecture of the hair from the inside out, restoring strength and elasticity, while adding vital moisture.

BC COLOR FREEZE – ZERO FADE TECHNOLOGY – The 1st color locking hair therapy for zero fade. Finally found the perfect shade? Now freeze it, for zero fade*! That’s right; the most annoying problem in hair color just got zapped by BC COLOR FREEZE. Hair can now look fresh and vibrant in-between salon visits with sensational color and mirror-like shine. How does it all work? New studies have discovered that the perfect pH level for hair is 4.5. BC BONACURE developed the COLOR FREEZE range, to incorporate the pH 4.5 Balancer Technology providing top color care and optimal shine.

BC MOISTURE KICK – for normal to dry, wavy or curly hair that’s coarse or brittle, lacking elasticity and bounce. BC Moisture Kick provides Hyaluronic Acid Derivative that rebalances the moisture level of the scalp and hair to smooth the hairs surface and prevent dehydration bringing suppleness, manageability, bounce and shine to each strand.

BC EXCELLIUM Q10+ – Discover the new BC Excellium Q10 , the first holistic care and finish system specially dedicated to all mature hair needs, revealing the true beauty of all maturing hair types. With Q10+ OMEGA-3, Q10+, a substance detectable in every human cell and indispensable for the energy production in the respiratory chain, powerful co-enzyme stimulates the hair root to reactivate keratin production. Omega-3 provides the essential lipid nutrients needed to maintain hair and skin in optimum condition, as well as preventing signs of aging. It helps to tame wiry, coarse, unruly hair while it smoothes the hair surface.

BC VOLUME BOOST – for fine to normal hair that lacks body, volume and vitality. Leaving hair with 100% more volume and feeling fuller for up to 3 days. Completely silicone free, the 3 step system infuses stability, fullness and hydration into every strand, while lifting roots and refreshing hair between shampoos, for 72 hour volume and shine.

BC SMOOTH PERFECT – for thick, coarse, wavy, curly unmanageable and frizzy hair providing up to 4 days of anti-humidity, anti-frizz effect and 100% shine and lasting discipline. Its Amino Smoothing Agent is a highly efficient amino compound formulated to deeply nourish and manage coarse, thick and frizzy hair long-term protecting hair from styling heat and humidity, so hair is de-frizzed, smoother and visibly shinier.

BC TIME RESTORE – An Anti-aging formula for hair that has lost strength or moisture leaving it weak, dry or brittle, BC Time Restore formula combines Q10 with our breakthrough Nutrifiller technology to immediately erase visible signs of aging and stimulate the hair’s natural keratin synthesis.

BC FIBRE FORCE – introduces a new dimension of hair repair turning even the most eroded hair to its optimal level of force and resilience. For the first time the formulas with Micronized Hair-Identical Keratins penetrate deeply into the hiar architecture to re-cement specifically the Cell-Membrance-Complex, the intercellular bonding cement responsible for strong and resilient hair fibre. A new generation of hair replenishment for virgin hair quality.

BC SUN PROTECT – provides triple protection against UVA/UVB color fade and free radical damage. Gives hair a break from daily damage, while Monoi Oil de Tahiti, known to nourish, smooth and soothe sun damaged hair replenishes and adds shine. Vitamin E works to protect hair from damaging free radicals, Color Fade Protection helps keep hues true, while Amino Cell Rebuild Technology penetrates deeply into hair, repairing the inner cell structure from within.