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What Your Esthetician Wishes They Could Say to You

We’re going to be frank. There are a number of things we – your estheticians – wish we could tell you. We see you up close and personal, probably know your pores better than you do, yet we’re afraid to be too honest, afraid that you’ll feel uncomfortable next time you come to visit.

If we were free to say absolutely anything we want though, it would sound a lot like this:

We hate causing you pain. Every time you cringe we die a little inside. We know you want to be waxed, but the idea of making you suffer for your beauty is painful for us. Please do us a favor by taking an aspirin or ibuprofen about a half hour before your wax. While you’re at it, pop a Tums or other antacid.

We know it sounds odd, but if you smoke or drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol, it creates acid in your body. Acid makes your skin more sensitive, leading to more pain. Oh, and while we’re at it, please don’t use toner in the hours leading up to an eyebrow or lip waxing. You know how toner makes your pores appear smaller? That’s because it actually shrinks them, making it more difficult to remove those pesky hairs.

You’re aging your skin. We love that you are coming to see us on a regular basis, but there is something you’re doing that really ages your skin. We’re concerned about the amount of sun you get without using sunscreen. You’re a smart cookie! Slather the stuff on and re-apply on a regular basis.

Treatment is cumulative. Please do not think we’re trying to up-sell you when we say this: the more you pamper your skin, the better it will look. Just as poor diet, air pollution, and overexposure to the sun will slowly damage your skin, a glowing countenance will be your reward for regular trips to the spa.

It’s okay if you just want to chill. No matter which service you’ve come in for, you honestly don’t have to entertain us. We love to hear about you and your loved ones, but spa time is meant to relax and renew you. If that means you just want to lie there and contemplate the meaning of life, we’re fine with it. In fact, we would probably do the same.

You are beautiful. Do you know how often we’ve heard you complain about your wrinkles or apologize for the condition of your skin? It’s fine if you need to vent, but it bothers us that you can’t see your own beauty. We don’t have one single client who looks like you, has your life experience, or your particular sense of humor.

In short, we really like you and hate that you’re so hard on yourself. Please see it from our professional point of view – you’re perfect.