Warmth in Winter

Warmth in Winter

Autumn is the time when hibernation starts. As the days get shorter, more time is spent inside. School starts up again, new foods are placed in the produce aisles, and our closets begin to shift. Women turn over their wardrobes looking toward autumn fashions, and everyone begins to crave different foods.

Suddenly, that salad that seemed so nourishing during the summer holds no appeal. Our bodies know about the change of seasons from millennia of fine-tuning. They begin to load up on fats and carbs in preparation for the winter ahead.

But instead of ditching the diet, switch focus to root vegetables and filling whole grains. Low-fat Greek yogurt feels thick and satisfying with a dusting of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey.

If you’ve over-done the iced cream during the summer, then now’s the time for a mini detox. How will you survive winter’s freezing temperatures after the warmth of summer? Here are five easy tips to take you through the cold months:

Hot Spots

Saunas and steam rooms go deep into the muscles, and warm your bones. At the same time you can renew your gym membership, and sign up for fall fitness classes.

Line Up a Massage