Hair Treatment

Wake up to Fuller Beautiful brows with Brow Lamination

There’s no shortage of people who wish they had darker, fuller, thicker, and immaculately shaped brows.  Face-framing and statement-making, full brows are classic!

Brow Lamination can transform even the unruliest brows into perfectly groomed and statement making full brows!  Brow lamination is the process of restructuring the brow hair to keep it in its desired shape giving you the perfect set of feathered and even eyebrows for a long period of time.

This three-step process relaxes the brow hair which allows the ability to redirect the hair position, creating a thicker fuller shape. Brow lamination works on every brow texture, so whether you have coarse wiry hairs or thin straight ones you can have this treatment done. Our brow lamination treatment also includes tinting; creating a thicker brow shape with an ammonia free velvet tint that is highly pigmented providing graphic intensity resulting in a set of perfectly groomed brows that can last up to eight weeks.

Whether you have sparse brows that need filling in or thick brows that need taming, this treatment can work wonders. It is also a great option for those who have over-plucked their brows in the past and are looking for a way to regain a fuller, more natural look. With our laminate brow treatment, you can achieve the perfect brow shape and symmetry without the need for daily maintenance.


Q: Does laminate brow treatment hurt?

A: No, laminate brow treatment is a painless procedure.

Q: How long does laminate brow treatment last?

A: The results of laminate brow treatment can last for up to eight weeks. However, this can vary depending on individual factors such as hair growth rate and aftercare.

Q: Can I still fill in my brows with makeup after laminate brow treatment?

A: Yes, you can still fill in your brows with makeup if desired. It is recommended to use powder or pencil formulas rather than gel or pomade products to avoid interfering with the adhesive.

Q: Can I get a brow lamination if I have sensitive skin?

A: Yes, laminate brow treatment is generally safe for individuals with sensitive skin. However, it is advisable to consult with a brow technician beforehand to discuss any concerns or allergies.

Q: Can I wash my face and go swimming after laminate brow treatment?

A: For the first 24 hours after the treatment, it is best to avoid getting your brows wet. This includes washing your face, swimming, and excessive sweating. After this initial period, you can resume your regular activities.

Recommended After Care

Avoid exfoliation of the skin around the brow area for 48 hours. Avoid using retinoids, Vitamin A and steroid creams for 48 hours. The use of a styling product and nourishing product is required to re-establish the position of the hairs after a Brow Lamination, the Elle plex Advanced Aftercare doubles as a nourishing and styling product.  After wetting the brow hairs (after 48 hr period) it is necessary to gently brush them back into place.

So, in conclusion:  Are you a person? Do you have eyebrow hair? Then you can get them laminated!