The Gift that We Want More Of

The Gift that We Want More Of

No-one likes to throw out perfectly good items when they de-clutter. But the sad fact is that many gift aren’t quite right. They’re bought on the hoof, or as last-minute purchases that don’t quite hit the mark.

That’s not true about a gift that’s an experience. When a person receives an experience, they bring their own taste to it. For instance, when you cash in that pedicure gift-card, you come away with a polish color that’s right for you – and those new sandals still in their box. Or when you receive a massage, the therapist goes straight to your aching shoulders, or loosens those twanging muscles in your neck.

Environmentally Friendly

One study found that three per cent of Christmas gifts are thrown out immediately, while about half end up in the trash within one year. And that didn’t include the packaging, the wrapping and the bows.

A gift that’s an experience can be accompanied by a simple, recyclable card which you can personalize by decorating the envelope. Or, it can be part of a home-made gift, such as a jar of preserves or box of cookies.

Personal Gifts that Hit the Bulls-Eye

Spa services make a flexible present tailored to what your friend enjoys. Unlike other experience-based gifts like zip-lining or horseback riding, visits to the spa make sense whether the temperature is 105 degrees or 23.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re in. While other experiences rely on a person being mobile, or having good fitness, everyone can go to the spa. We all need to feel happy about our appearance: elderly people, disabled people, and teenagers, as well as busy execs and housewives.

Don’t Leave the Guys Out!

Men need spa services too. Men enjoy hot towel facials, getting their eyebrows shaped, their necks massaged, and nails buffed. They also regularly need hair removed from their ears, nose, and the nape of their neck.

Better Than Flowers

When a person’s gone through a tough time – whether that’s divorce or bereavement, an ill child or a challenge at work – they need a safe place to relax and unwind.

Caregivers particularly need someone to pamper and fuss over them, and they rarely receive more than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. But there’s no better place for a caregiver to unwind than under the competent hands of a massage therapist.

A new splash of color on fingernails and toes also immediately cheers a person up. And having your eyebrows shaped and a facial masque instantly makes you feel brighter.

Invite Yourself Along

Perhaps the best part about giving an experience is sharing it with your friend or loved one. When you buy two experiences, you get to enjoy precious time together.

Whether that’s giggling over a pedicure or catching up on the news while your nails dry, your spa experience builds memories that will enhance and strengthen your friendship in the days and years to come.