Teens, Self Esteem, and the Spa Scene


Adolescence is an exciting time, but it can also be a troublesome time for many teens. When puberty causes emotional and physical changes, teens can often become unhappy or self conscious of their appearance which can greatly affect their self esteem!

Move over grown-ups, teens are invading the spa scene. Teens are now getting into the spa scene and taking the initiative to begin taking care of themselves. Stress is a major concern for many teens with the demands of school, sports, relationships, social media and community involvement. It is important to teach our teens to make an effort to live a balanced lifestyle schedule and take time to rejuvenate

Below we have highlighted some of Sanctuary’s teen-focused treatments, as well as some things for parents to consider when booking those first appointments.

Teen Facials – Acne is a rite of passage and unfortunately can quickly become a source of self-consciousness and withdrawal, therefore we advocate early intervention and treatment. Through our comprehensive skin care treatments, combined with education and at home regimen your teen can achieve healthy, clear skin and most importantly, maintain it.

Sports Massage – Is your teen a dancer or athlete? Sanctuary, the best day spa in Orlando, offers Sports massages that are extremely therapeutic for overworked muscles and can help rehabilitate injuries, shorten recovery time and improve performance by increasing flexibility and range of motion. (Please note that if your teen is under the age of 18 he or she will need a parent or guardian to be in the room during the treatment.)

Makeup – Still deciding whether you’re teen is old enough to wear makeup? Our team of makeup artist will teach your teen some age-appropriate techniques and can recommend cosmetics that won’t be too heavy for their potentially acne-prone skin. For facial treatments in Orlando, FL, visit Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa. We use exclusively Glo Minerals. Glo Minerals skin nurturing, talc-free formulation is non comedogenic and provides broad spectrum UV protection with antioxidant benefits. Perfect for acne prone and sensitive skin that covers and corrects, keeping skin radiant and healthy

Hair Services – While you are scheduling appointments, why not schedule some time for your teen to sit down with one of our professional stylist to talk about any their hair concerns they may have. During the month of July at Sanctuary, the best hair salon in Orlando, we have an Accent Highlight special that is perfect for your teen. It includes Accent Highlights (6 foils…just enough to frame the face), a haircut and style for only $69! If your teen is having trouble styling their hair, be sure to schedule a little extra time with your stylist for a styling demo!

Laser Services – Teenagers make great candidates for laser hair removal. We understand that the teen years are important in developing life time self esteem, and if hair is a problem for a teen, we feel it is safe, effective and helpful to support a positive self image. At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa, renowned for laser hair removal in Orlando, we use exclusively the gold standard in Laser Hair Removal with the Gentle Max Pro and the Lumius Light Sheer Diode, both proven to be the safest and most effective on all skin types. (However teens under the age of 18 will be required to have parental consent and accompany them for their initial consultation.)

Waxing Services – Waxing is not about girls wanting to grow up too fast. Parents who understand this know that positive self esteem for maturing girls is very important and are aware that this can help shape a positive self image, one of confidence and self acceptance. Waxing that obvious area such as a dark moustache or unibrow can give them the confidence to be seen and heard out in the world!

If your teen isn’t really into makeup or sports and has been blessed with clear skin, then perhaps Mom or Dad you should include your teen the next time you schedule your next manicure and pedicure at Sanctuary, the luxurious hair salon and day spa, Orlando! It will give you an opportunity to have one-on-one bonding time for just the two of you that may turn into a service you can continue to share and enjoy as they grow up.

In a culture saturated with digitally altered images, raising teens with high self –esteem can be daunting indeed. Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa provides a warm and welcoming environment that embraces your teen from the moment he or she walks through the door with each treatment plan is designed specifically for your teen’s needs that offer a self esteem boost along with a luxury spa experience.