Skin Care at Any Age


Aging gracefully means taking the absolute best care of what you have! As we age, it is important to realize that your skin needs extra attention and what worked in our 20s won’t do us any favors in our 30s, 40s, much less our 50s! You must properly take care of your skin and adhere to your skin requirements tailoring to that particular point in your life by developing a skin care regimen that can keep up with your needs while preserving your youthful glow.

Your 20s

It’s all about prevention – good habits now mean better skin in the future. Preserve and protect! And the foundation to good skin regimen (at any age) is SPF. Sunscreen is your first line of defence against UV damage. You might be noticing dryness for the first time, so use a light moisturizer, preferably one with broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection and SPF 30. Cleanse your face twice a day making sure you are not stripping your skin of its natural oils and NEVER sleep with your make up on! If you have mild breakouts use a spot treatment containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. It’s okay to start introducing anti-aging products and eye creams – just make sure they are not too harsh. Look for hydrating agents like ceramides, amino acids, essential fatty acids and alpha and beta hydroxy acids. They will protect against dryness and fine lines by replenishing naturally occurring skin lipids.

Your 30s

Thirty is typically the get when women begin to think about anti-aging products. This is the decade when your complexion may start to look dull due to slower cell turnover. At this point, you need to start exfoliating regularly because in your 30s your skin only exfoliates naturally every 35 days as opposed to every 14 in your 20s. Also in your 30s, discoloration caused by sun damage and fine lines are likely to be two of your biggest skin challenges. Protect your skin’s natural barrier by using a gentle cleanser in the morning and evenings. Try a cleanser with hydroxy acids which will increase cell renewal. Along with your broad-spectrum SPF, add a layer of vitamin C serum underneath which can also help with any hyperpigmentation. Use an eye cream both day and night to hydrate the skin around the eyes and increase suppleness. Add a mild retinoid twice a week to your regimen to help improve overall texture and tone of your skin.

Your 40s

Brown spots and wrinkles have likely set in. Most women enter their perimenopause phase in their 40s, collagen and elastin fibers begin to break and thicken losing their elasticity resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Expression lines between your brows and around your eyes and mouth don’t disappear like they did in your 20s and 30s. As your estrogen level tapers off, your skin becomes dryer making it necessary to add moisture. Cleanse using a non-foaming, non-drying cleanser. Repair and protect with serums rich in antioxidants, like vitamin C or E to help stimulate collagen production including the neck and décolleté area, as they might start to look crepey. You can also give your eye cream an extra boost with serum containing the same Vitamin C or E using SPF daily over the serums to prevent further damage. Retinols and peptides should be added into your routine. Peptides can help rebuild collagen, especially when used in combination with skin texture-improving retinoids. In your 40s, a medium strength retinol, when used 3 times a week can help prevent further sagging.

Your 50s +

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture. By 50s there is a dramatic drop in hormones leading to dehydrated skin.
This is should be your main concern in your 50s. Your skin may be thinner and have started to sag. Along with bone loss around the jaw which can lead to jowls; loss of tone and hollow eyes creating a sunken look due to fat loss. Lines and wrinkles deepen; hyper pigmentation increases and your skin may become more dry and flaky. Protect your skin by cleansing daily using a cream cleanser that will hydrate your skin while it cleanses. For day, apply a peptide rich serum under your SPF to keep skin hydrated and to help build collagen. Use one that contains antioxidants which will help fight free radicals. Follow with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture. At night it’s simple; moisturize and repair using a rich night cream with peptides and a higher level of retinol 3 – 4 times a week. And as in your 40s, be sure to remember to treat your neck and chest along with the back of your hands.

Time doesn’t stand still, so neither should your skin care regimen. Whether in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, talk to Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa’s team of expert skin care professionals to help you transform your complexion now —-and for the future. Skin resurfacing, laser skin tightening – Sanctuary offers a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments and our specialists will suggest the skincare program that suits you best.