looking younger

Secrets to Looking Younger That Really Work! And they are all right here at Sanctuary

Start With Primer – Our skin dries and thins with age leaving us with laugh lines. A high-quality primer fills in small wrinkles, making them less visible. At Sanctuary, we sell exclusively GloMinerals. The GloMinerals Face Primer creates an even canvas for foundation by blurring fine lines and visible pores so that foundation goes on looking porcelain smooth.

Put Eyebrows Back On – Start first with a professional threading and waxing. Remember eyebrows frame the face. Once your eyebrows have been shaped by one of Sanctuary’s brow professionals, they can then fill in any thin areas with brow powder or pencils.

Keep Lips Moist – Even the best quality makeup will have a tough time concealing dry, flaky lips. For this reason, it’s essential to moisturize often. Look for a product with sunscreen to protect against the sun’s drying effect like BioElements Instant Emollient. This ultra rich moisture lip balm is laced with smoothing Bulgarian rose and chamomile oils plus vitamin E, instantly relieving dryness.

Rejuvenate Tired Eyes – If your eyes look tired, the most obvious solution may be to get more rest. However in this busy world sometimes that is not possible. Call today to find out more about our 24K Gold Mask Treatment. Guaranteed to give your eyes that “pick me up” you are looking for.

Exfoliate – Exfoliation gets rid of dead, dry skin cells to reveal the fresher skin underneath. Exfoliate with an exfoliating cleanser, by gently scrubbing your face and body. Try Sanctuary’s exclusive private label, Dermal Bliss Advanced Skin Care. Our Fruity Enzyme Cleanser that combines the benefits of the natural non-abrasive enzymes of pineapple and papaya to gently exfoliate the skin, along with effective moisturizers that hydrate and soften the skin.

Target Wrinkles With Retinoids – Transform your skin with the VI Derm skincare line. This innovative skincare line uses scientifically proven, result oriented ingredients designed to achieve and maintain healthy skin for all skin types and conditions. Try VI Derm Complete Care which combines world class retinol with powerful pharmaceutical grade ingredients to stimulate, correct and repair the skin. Call today for a Free skin care consultation.

Fade Age Spots – Hydroquinone is the active ingredient in popular bleaching creams. It interferes with the skin’s production of melanin, the pigment that gives age spots their color. VI Derm HQ Plus Brightening Cream provides the highest percentage of Hydroquinone at 2% that is available without a prescription. Brightens dark spots, age spots and acne marks while helping to prevent future pigment from forming.

Use a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen – Probably the single most important step you can do daily. Sunscreen can ward off wrinkles by blocking the sun’s harmful rays. But did you know that SPF refers only to protection against ultraviolet B rays? It turns out that ultraviolet A rays may play a larger role in causing wrinkles. To block both UVA and UVB rays, look for a broad-spectrum or multi-spectrum sunscreen. At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa, we not only have sunscreens ranging from 15, 30 and 50 providing protection depending on your needs but our GloMinerals foundations also contain Broad Spectrum SPF 15 giving you all the necessary sunscreen protection throughout your skin care regime.

For More Dramatic Results … Did you know Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa now provides Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Pigmentation and Botox Treatments? Dr. Merchant, in addition to being certified in Skin Tightening and Skin Pigmentation treatments is certified in the administering of Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin and Dysport for aesthetic enhancements has received comprehensive training in protocols, evaluations, aesthetic facial contouring, standard of card and expert techniques in the administering of Botox A.

Call today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Merchant, for facial treatments in Orlando.

Boost Thinning Hair Hair – You can give thinning hair the illusion of more body with a fabulous style from one of our styling professionals. Additionally, Sanctuary, a top hair salon in Orlando, is an exclusive provider of Eprouvage products. Clinically tested with active ingredients, including Egyptian Blue Lily which is cultivated for its anti-aging and skin balancing properties and Redensyl, reduces the appearance of hair fall by up to 17% while promoting the appearance of up to 214% more hair.

Don’t Fret Over Grays – Those wisdom wisps’ and that stressed blonde are easy to cure with Schwartzkopf professional products. Call today and schedule your Free Consultation with one of our highly trained color specialist.

Pamper Your Hands and Soften Your Heels – The skin on the hands has very little fatty tissue underneath and can easily become crinkled when dry. Also, with decades of walking, thick layers of skin on the heels and balls of the feet can develop. Try our Velvet Glove Treatment for your hands. This luscious treatment combines exfoliation, massage and a paraffin treatment that leaves your hands soft and renewed. Pamper your feet with our exclusive Footlogix pedicure. Footlogix is the world’s first and only PEDICEUTICAL® Mousse Foot Care line made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. With their groundbreaking Dermal Infusion Technology®, along with its scientific formulation, it enables active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into troubled skin of the feet. With results seen in a mere few days, from eliminating simple dryness to addressing more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes, Footlogix has been clinically proven to perform. Be sure to call today to make your next pedicure and manicure appointment.