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Recommended Serums at Sanctuary

Some of the Serums we offer at Sanctuary Salon are:

AnteAge System

The AnteAgeMD 1 & 2 is a dual delivery system that includes their regenerating serum combined with the accelerator.  The serum contains physiologically balanced Stem Cytokines™, potent peptides and protective Antioxidants that quickly absorb into your skin. AnteAge serum utilizes nanotechnology, with a symphony of ingredients that act in concert to deliver powerful results at the cellular level.  When combined with AnteAge Accelerator, it becomes a performance-driven treatment system rich in powerful moisturizers and revitalizing actives. This patented Stem Cytokines™, vitamins and targeted antioxidants work to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, while two research-backed molecules (a defensin peptide and retinoid-like compound) initiates a pro-healing, regenerative and anti-inflammatory response. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin renewal at the cellular level and defends the skin against environmental free radical damage.

VI Derm Beauty

This Retinoic serum sets the Gold Standard for anti-aging therapies, promotes collagen and elastin production, stimulates the production of new blood vessels to improve skin health.  It works on even the most stubborn signs of skin aging and photo damage. Rapid-acting, dermatologist-grade 0.1% Tretinoin (pure Retinoic Acid) speeds results on wrinkles and rough texture while revealing radiant, more vibrant skin. Combined with Ascorbic Acid as an antioxidant that protects from UV damage, stimulates collagen production, brightens skin, and suppresses the production of UV damage and Vitamin E that increases the hydration of the skin and strengthens the overall skin balance.

VI 4% Complex contains 4% hydroquinone and works by stopping excessive pigment reduction at the source (the cellular level) while the gentle retinol blend encourages cell turnover to speed surface renewal. The VI 4% Complex in addition to hydroquinone combines Vitamin A that lifts cells that harbor pigment by stimulating cell turnover, Arnica Montana; an anti-inflammatory that improves skin health and helps stimulate circulation and botanical lighteners used to boost the hydroquinone’s lightening power.

Dermal Bliss

Copper Repair Serum

Proprietary ingredients exclusive to Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa, our Copper Repair Serum is specifically formulated to fight premature aging and renew the skin’s texture and appearance. This Co-enzyme Q10 formula energizes skin cells, which results in antioxidant effects, protecting your skin from oxidative damage and is vital for youthful-looking skin. While our bodies naturally produce Co Q10, unfortunately, its production diminishes as we age. The deficiency of Co Q10 is the main cause of fine lines and wrinkles and the decrease in cellular renewal. The incorporation of CO Q10 serum provides the necessary supplement for any deficiency by working its magic for our skin offering a luminous glow, encouraging collagen growth, diminishing fine lines and neutralizing free radicals.