Put Your Best Face Forward! Customized Facials at Sanctuary

Have you been trying out standard facials for years? Have you wondered why a spa facial doesn’t always give you the results you expect? Fed up of the lackluster results?

It’s time to consider a customized facial. Customized treatment takes care of your individual skin type and your own specific challenges. Custom facials can address a range of skin needs from premature aging and acne flare-ups to patchy skin and environmental damage. By using products and techniques tailored for your skin concerns, you are assured better results.

At Sanctuary Med Spa & Salon, the best facial spa in Orlando, we understand that every person’s skin is different. Our years of experience have also taught us that your skin today could be different from what it was the last time you visited. At Sanctuary, we customize facial treatments in Orlando for every skin type and condition. There is no set recipe – our qualified spa professionals pull and mix from a selection of different lines to treat your specific skin type.


Covers specific concerns

Some folks have oily skin, some have dry. Others have weathered skin, still others have acne or rosacea. Different people have different concerns, so a ‘one size fits all’ concept just doesn’t work. Customized facial spa treatments target specific problems and ensure your specific skin type is not damaged in the facial treatment.


Skin care doesn’t end when your customized facial does. There are steps you need to take between sessions to maintain the glow. Typically, at a customized facial spa treatment, the spa specialist will advise you about products, routines and treatments that will help with your specific needs. So, you learn tips and tricks that benefit you!

More inputs

A custom facial means a more indepth conversation with your esthetician. You can explain your concerns and expectations, ask for home care suggestions. You spend more one-on-one time with the esthetician and can expect more attention.


A customized facial means you get more time to relax while the professional estheticians treat you. The expert head and shoulder massage will make you feel as good as you look! Relaxation is critical for anti-aging, so regular sessions at the spa are definitely called for.


At Sanctuary, best spa for facials in Orlando, we start with a detailed consultation. We get to know you, analyze your skin type, study your concerns, understand your lifestyle and expectations from the beauty spa facial. Thereafter, we follow 5 simple but effective steps to deliver a great spa experience.

1. Deep cleansing to remove layers of accumulated dirt, oil and makeup from the surface

2. Exfoliation to rejuvenate your skin

3. Massage to promote circulation and relaxation

4. Customized mask to address specific concerns

5. Hand, neck and shoulder massage – ultimate pampering


We don’t call ourselves the best day spa in Orlando for nothing. Sanctuary has been providing luxury facial treatments Orlando Fl for years, and today offers a wide range of skin care and facial treatments for its clients. Our strengths include:

  • Well trained, experienced and knowledgeable estheticians.
  • Medical facials where extra focus and attention is given to serious skin concerns to achieve the results your skin needs.
  • State of the art skin care private rooms equipped with latest equipment.
  • Medical grade products with stronger concentration & prescription strength ingredients along with effective peels and microdermabrasion can be used to tackle serious skin concerns like acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of elasticity.


Call Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa on 407-909-1011 and book an appointment today. We offer expert skin care services in an environment that’s hygienic, relaxing and oh-so-luxurious. You’ll discover ultimate relaxation while we treat your specific skin problems so you leave with smooth, glowing results. Sanctuary also has extensive experience treating skin of color. Call today to book your customized facial at the Award Winning Hair Salon and Spa in Orlando.